Wina Dates Eastern Province

VICE President Inonge Wina is this afternoon expected to embark on a four day official visit to Eastern Province.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Veronica Mwiche said the Vice-President will be in the province from Friday up to Monday.

Mwiche said the Vice-President is going to officiate at the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the soils laboratory under Zambia Agriculture Research Institute at Msekera on Saturday.

The Vice President is also expected to officiate at the commemoration of the National Day of Prayer fasting, repentance and reconciliation.

She said the Vice-President is also going to visit Chipangali


  1. Jom

    She will be in chipangali to do what?


    4 days official visit for what???? It’s not yet campaign time!


    MARUBISH!!! Who is the owner of the 48 misterious houses???

  4. Razor

    Amwa peeeling has just come from there after a five day visit now being followed by this old hag. Next we shall here Chagwa also going there. Whats happening in the PF bedroom. Are they losing ground?

  5. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    Faka pressure HH until she visits no more

  6. Lundazi eye

    Lundazi DEC Chairman tembo a stick in pf eye and he does not respect party constitution and runs a party lik a personal property. If u declare interest in councilor, mayor or mp any district chairman has excuse himself and he campaigning alone with his group disadvantaged is competites. He is relationship with PC Easter ANDREW Is abusing it and he treating his executive children has if he take president lungu 2 state house alone let not. Come 2021, whether GOLDEN TEMBO Stand as council chairperson or mp he can’t win is too selfish and self centred man.


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