ZRA Impounds 3, 360 Bags of Sugar Smuggled from South Africa

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has seized and forfeited to the state 3,360 by 50 bags of sugar that was smuggled into the country on the pretext of being taken to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The bags of sugar all valued at K1.4 million had been offloaded at the former United Milling Company in Chingola from South Africa.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has told Journalists in Chingola that his office had received intelligence reports that the consignment had been offloaded in Chingola by five South African trucks.

He said that by the time information reached his office, the five trucks that ferried the sugar had already left Zambia for South Africa.

Chanda has since noted that all the said trucks have been placed on the radar including drivers and will be intercepted should they enter Zambia again.

Chanda said it was unfortunate smuggling had continued to rise despite the measures the authority had put in place.

He added that the authority will not hesitate to forfeit to the state any consignment that will impounded.



  1. Chendabusiku

    Smuggling is always there, but commissioner general should not be saying that they are on the radar and trucks will be intercepted once they enter Zambia. That is their previleged information which they should keep to themselves. We ned people tried and sent to chimbokaila and then forfeit their assets to the state. This is why we have water brought in from bottled water brought in from South Africa. Yes Aquel water check shoprite at Great North Mall. This is very very sad.

    • Suzgo

      If the product was seized and forfeited to the state. We would like also to know where these things where being housed in Chingola? Who is the owner or who was the recipients of the said sugar? Who was the clearing argent at the entry port? All these parties can help to unearth this scam. Let it be practical not just on the media.

  2. hantoobolo

    so you mean sugar in saube is cheaper than our local ones. leave them.


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