Infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale says Botswana and Zambia have both met their financial obligations towards the construction of the Kazungula Bridge across the Zambezi River, which is now complete.

He said after the final inspection of the bridge today with his Botswana counterpart that no country is defaulting.

He also said the construction phase of the bridge has a great record of no death.

“My counterpart from Botswana and I this morning did a final inspection of Kazungula bridge which is at 100% complete & one stop border facilities at 99.97% complete in Botswana and at 99.99% complete in Zambia. No country has defaulted on payments to the contractor, both countries have met their financial obligations to date,” Mr Mwale said.

“We thank the contractor and the consultants involved in the project for a job well done, no deaths were recorded during construction – a great record. Our inspection is a step in the process of having the iconic bridge commissioned by our two Heads of States.”


  1. Albert

    Hon Minister, there is no need to respond to bitter useless people who should be happy with the development but are castigating instead of celebrating. Such projects just diminish their chances to return home from the harsh conditions they are living in the so called diaspora. They spend hours on end disparaging any development as long as it is done by Government. Ma useless dung smokers

  2. adviser

    The safety record alone is an achievement to be proud of. Well done.

  3. Velarie

    Pictures ba ZR pictures. This is a story for pictures

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