My Pawa Experience Gets Better

My Pawa made me an emPawa13 Jackpot winner

http://bit.ly/377zjnm I’m Patrick, a mineworker in Solwezi. I used My Pawa to win the K100,000 emPawa13 Jackpot on 04/08. Tickets cost just K0.50. I bought 32 in total and won an extra K5,968.95 by getting 12 results right on 5 tickets, 11 correct on 10 and 10 right on another 10. This is my story…

This may sound funny but I find it very easy to win with betPawa. They have very good bonuses, very good customer care and excellent payment methods. I utilised the Lucky Dip and changed a few spots on my tickets. So in short, betPawa helped me win. This is fantastic.


I was floating on cloud nine. So unbelievable! I was actually at work when I realised I had won so I called my wife to tell her the good news. This was a deja vu for us. We were winning BIG for the second time. Last year, I won K56,000+.


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I have won and so can any one of you out there. I won by using their system which is the Lucky Dip. In short, they helped me win. Isn’t it wonderful? And Your Pawa to win BIG like me is greater than ever with betPawa’s new 500% win bonus.


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  2. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    So what?

  3. Pan African

    Stop enticing pipo to enlist themselves in the demonic gabling game like betpawa it’s useless as gambling makes one a destitute and very foolish.

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