Former President Rupiah Banda has been diagnosed with colon cancer, his office has announced via a statement.

According to Mr. Chibeza Mfune, the Deputy Administrative Officer in the office of the Fourth President, the 83-year-old former president said he decided to announce his illness because he once served Zambians as their Republican President.


  1. 2yk

    Sorry Sir

  2. Mn

    our president l wish u a quick revoery

  3. Mn

    I.mean our former president

  4. Love your neighbor

    Chwela chwela, quick recovery mwe ba fyashi I miss money which was readly available in your administration.

  5. Koswe

    Nyama ya soya work up

  6. Violet kunda

    I declare the healing mercy upon your life our President 🙏🙏

    • Natasha

      AMEN the LORD will help him heal fast in the might name of jesus christ AMEN.

  7. JMS

    Sorry, wish you a quick recover.

  8. ES

    Sorry, I wish you a quick recovery and God’s grace and sustainanice.

  9. Godwill botha

    We miss your democratic lifestyle as a leader. ZP were our Zambia Police, and no one was put in prison to satisfy your political agenda. You did not make Zambia Police or any other state organ to be your personal militia. Please get well soon. They must evacuate you to better hospitals because they bought ambulances to race patients to hospitals which have no medicines. They bought fire tenders so that they could burn markets to prove that the fire tenders work. The mobile hospitals which you bought against all senses are parked and are the only evidence that you were slowly losing your integrity to cashflow issues!! Get well Sir. We had freedom when you were our president.

  10. ES

    Sorry, I wish you a quick recovery and God’s grace and sustainance.

  11. ES

    Sorry, I wish you a quick recovery and God’s grace and sustainance. By his stripes you are healed.

  12. Yona

    Wishing you a quick recovery sir

  13. Fk

    Well articulated

  14. MMJ

    Wishing you a quick recovery malume God bless you in the trying moment

  15. King pethias aka sugar boy forever

    Too bad I wish you a quick recovery

  16. Vizo

    Get well soon we still need you in this our nation

  17. Mb

    It shall be well with you sir

  18. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    RB,I miss you sir. Am sorry for the condition. But if you don’t mind, there is away I can help. You can recover fully. Trust me. You can contact me 0978355525, we meet at the office. Feel free.

  19. okra

    Waste of time. RB almost closed fi dance bank, profesional insurance, leasing finance and all good companies of Dr. Maharani, just because his house was possessed by Finance Bank when RB failed to pay loan.

  20. Conkas

    May our almighty God drop a healing hand on you Grandpa and our former president. The president who was tolerate to criticisms from anyone the president who never knew defamation

  21. Misheck tembo

    May the Lord heal u my president

  22. Fred

    You will be ok soon God is their for you all the time.

  23. niso Kodibba

    May God remove that sickness papa.

  24. wardson

    Get well soon

  25. Patrick Mwale

    Wish you a speedy recovery sir!

  26. Saba Sabanadesan

    We are sorry to hear and pray for a speedy recovery

  27. Patrick Kanyembo

    Get well soon sir

  28. MM

    May you receive the healing from above, nothing is too hard for God to heal…it is well with your soul our President God gat your back. We love you.

  29. Our light

    May the hand of the all-might God touch you and experience healing.

  30. Kkk

    Get well soon

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