Home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo has said he will not allow the UPND to move with a thousand vehicle convoy.

UPND are mobilizing following the summoning of party leader Hakainde Hichilema by Chinsali police as they want a thousand vehicle convoy to escort their party leader.

However, Mr Kampyongo said during a briefing today that Political parties are daring government and when it acts, they claim that the civic space is shrinking and play victim.

The minister said government will not entertain any form of violence regardless of who perpetrates it.

He further warned the UPND against moving with a thousand vehicle convoy.

And Kampyongo disclosed that Sesheke UPND MP Romeo Kang’ombe was on the vehicle where two abducted police officers and five civil servants of Muchinga Province were bundled and later assaulted.

He also said some political parties have been going to East Africa to seek funding adding that their funders were encouraging them to engage in lawlessness.

My Kampyongo further revealed plans by the opposition to deliberately cause violence ahead of 2021.


  1. Driver

    Any good reason why anyone driving on the 1000 convoy should not be allowed to drive to Kasama? I thought freedom of movement was a civil liberty…

  2. Next King

    This is what you get when you have uneducated chaps as Home Affairs minister. Could someone write to him in vernacular that anyone can go any where anytime in Zambia. This country does not belong to Lungu or PF!

  3. Andy Xavi

    Do as it is required hon. Kampyongo

  4. Gilbert MAKOYO

    The Police in the said area have summoned HH not the 999 that want to accompany him. It’s simple logic. And why don’t HH for once show leadership by going there by himself or a lawyer accompanying him.

    • Mickey Mwiinga

      Imagine,he is just an attention seeker

    • Arm chair coach

      But it was OK for hundreds of PF cadres to disrupt court proceedings of Chitalu Chilufya’s hesring! Serious double standards here….shemuna!

  5. Moneps

    Last Kicks of a dying horse …woza 2021

  6. Logistician


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