Veep Salutes Eastern Province Farmers for Contribution to Food Basket

Vice President Inonge Wina has thanked the people of Eastern Province for their substantial contribution to the Food basket of the country.

Mrs Wina who is on a four day tour of Eastern Province said government expect a bumper harvest in the 2020/2021 farming season in the region because easterners are hardworking.

She says government was praying for good rains in the coming season.

Mrs Wina said she is in the Province to inspect developmental projects as well as participating in the day of national prayer and fasting.

She said she will also participate in the planting of trees because trees were claimed by the tobacco industry in the province.

Mrs Wina said during the national day of prayer, Zambians have to thank God for the blessings that they enjoy and even for the hard circumstances that they sometimes face.

And speaking when she met the Eastern Province PF executive committee the Vice-president urged the party leadership to get involved in government projects so that they can explain to the people what government is doing.

She said the party leadership should also add its voice on the issue of smuggling and explain to the people the importance of selling maize to the Food Reserve Agency.

She also urged the party to take a lead in both women and youth empowerment programmes.

Mrs Wina urged the people to sensitize the people about the importance of voting to avoid voter apathy.

Earlier Eastern Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha said the party is ready for 2021 elections.
Mr Lubusha said the party had remained strong in the region.


  1. Ken Sex

    Indeed it is really very important that we all take part in sensitisation of the need to avoid voter apathy. Many are times I have come across fellow citizens mostly youths who have a “good story to tell” in terms of exercising their right to franchise but stupidly squander the opportunity due to lack of proper and serious civic awareness… What is the whole point of one yapping forward forward and they cannot find time to queue up and have their ballots cast let alone not even having an NRC $ voters card… Would one honestly cry foul of elections rigging once election results don’t go their way!!! It’s time we sensitised our electorates otherwise winning 2 provinces out of 10 cannot make one a presido…. Vivah PF, vivah ECL!!!

  2. Ken Sex

    …our electoral system is not like US of America where electoral college system applies regardless of majority popular votes!!! Ifwe kuno master kupendelela, na kucingalala bafwile balikwishiba….

  3. JMS

    Its unfortunate to know that people are willing to impart freedom in this country but the leave is that freedom depends on how self respect is concerned.laws are brought but few aqure them why it makes a wise person to realize why, and its simple education may bring a very excellent answer to this question. Now do we have capacity to impact knowledge in every Zambian from East, North, West and South without neglecting some, yes one may sim right in what he does but are people free to accept everything they see or hear.
    . Exactly what people need is knowledge now how will people obtain that education has been very difficult for some thats why most have early pregnancies/marriages while facing difficulties in obtaining education. Now what process is on the ground is absolutely astonishing thats why the vice president mentioned some of the dubious behaviours practiced ie smuggling of crops expecialy maize our staple food, planting of plants but this if not mistaken stated way back in year 2000 even 2 or 3years before it has been just reluctant of individuals sometimes the government should empower those who are able to grow their skills, but unfortunately identification of those people is poor, even starting a business people go for those in already businesses which means business men and women are enough no one to start , incredible and unamazing situation. Bring education in process or leave to concerned ones to improve the understanding in everyone to be able to know their rights, do things and how to vote wisely.

  4. JMS

    Now we are hereby requesting to know who owns the trucks used by the people who wanted to smuggle mealie meal?

  5. Pan African

    I think if The government had wanted to boost the agriculture they should subside the farming inputs by reduction of prices and increase the number of inputs given to farmer through farming support program

  6. JMS

    Pan African’ s idea is okay and especially agriculture is one of the main pillar to national development,but seeing the pace our government is moving or tackling things couldn’t due to the type of governance being introduced. Mostly agriculture, education and health are the most parts where very close concern must be put for the country to proceed forward. Now the question arises if our government can be able to do it, but I can’t judge them although it has been long since being in power, the answer will depend on Zambians if the are willing to keep them as time is around the corner to 2021 elections. I’m just impressed by mentioning of some dubious tactics being involved especially through that province, it may sim embarrassment to everyone but we should ask ourselves why individuals do that and what penalty is being used because their is no fear in these people.

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