Chilubi ~ Sun, 18 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow, Monday, expected in Chilubi District in Northern Province for a two-day working visit.

Provincial Minister Chungu Bwalya said President Lungu is scheduled to hold a series of campaign rallies for the ruling party’s candidate Rosemary Chimbini in the Chilubi Council Chairperson by-election.

Mr. Bwalya said the Head of State will begin his visit with Chilubi Mainland before moving to the Island and Swamps.

He said the President is expected to land at Mofu ground around 09:00 hours and later address public rallies in Mofu, Matipa and Chaba.

“As Northern Province, we are yet again excited to receive the His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who will be with us tomorrow and Tuesday for a campaign trail ahead of the Chilubi Council Chairperson by-election,” Mr. Bwalya said.

President Lungu will then proceed to Chilubi Island for similar activities and will visit Mwape Kalunga, Mayuka and Mucinshi areas.

And PF Chilubi Mainland Campaign Manager Brian Mundubile says the visit by President Lungu is a morale booster to the campaign team.

Mr. Mundubile, who is also PF chairperson for legal affairs and Government Chief Whip, said his team is ready for the President’s visit and urged the people of Chilubi Mainland to give the Head of State a thunderous welcome.

He said the ruling party is also confident of a resounding victory in Thursday’s by-election.


  1. Mwine masushi

    Pressure pressure last kick of the dying donkey

  2. Koswe

    Pf will win 2021 elections you fool

  3. Razor

    The title is misleading. He is there for campaigns not a working visit.

  4. Luapula

    Not a working visit,but camping visit,

  5. State House

    Is it not holiday?

  6. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Koswe PF is winning your wife in 2021,not election. You’re blind. You and pf,you eat corruption, you sleep corruption, you wear corruption, you learned corruption you drink corruption and every what you do is corruption. Thus why you make everything poor,so that people became desperate to your corruption. Fools.

  7. Tikambepo

    Chi pit latrine koswe you and your father Lungu are headed for a very big losing victory and be thrown into jail the same place you’re keeping others.

  8. Tikambepo

    2021 Lungu and his assistant bo inonge you will feel how jail life is for the wrongs you have done:
    1.for gassing the innocent Zambian you swore to protect.
    2.for victimization oppression of fellow political opponents.
    3.for corruption,theft and all the wrongs you have done then we the citizens this great nation shall propose to have the true and genuine day of fasting and reconciliation with the people you have lost.


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