President Edgar Lungu has said the Society Buidling Park along Cairo road is a death trap and wonders how many traps are in the country.

He said this during his meeting with the Engineering Institution of Zambia last week.

It was heard that over 1,200 columns on the building developed cracks as opposed to one which was reported.

President Lungu says it is unfortunate that new buildings can be developing such faults and asked the engineers to quickly find a solution to the problem.

Engineering Institution of Zambia president Abel Ng’andu, in response, said from the technical audit that was carried out, it was discovered that about 1,200 columns failed in strength out of 1,600 tests which were done.

Eng Ng’andu assured the Head of State that EIZ is proactive and that the institution will take action against the consultants and contractors.

Eng Ng’andu further said EIZ recommended that the office block of the building should be closed.


  1. Victor Kanyense

    Engineering Institution of Zambia is probably a dysfunctional institution. I have personally written to EIZ to set up a Monitoring and Evaluation unit to be carrying out such monitoring activities. All we will continue to hear again and again is how proactive they are until we face a calamity

    • No

      Problem is all government bodies and oversight are completely corrupt to the bone.

      Wouldn’t be shocked if someone got bribed to sign of on the design of the building.

      These are our mediocre years. Lost years. What a shame.

      • CJ

        True the all system is broken from top to bottom were was EIZ during construction don’t they samples at every stage of construction

        • Guli

          Say that again it simply shows our engineers are lousy… Look at your so called fly over bridge at Longacres.. Ati we have engineers… Ni engineer pa kanwa

      • Edwin

        I conquer with you. If at all the audit was done and it was discovered that over 90% of the tests failed, why did not EIZ closed it with immediate effect but had to wait? But had to wait until the President’s recommendions. Truly these are some of the red flags of corruption!

    • Asiseeit

      I am afraid this a concoction of corruption and incompetence on the part of the contractor and supervisor. What proactiveness is Eng. Ngandwe claiming. If indeed EIZ was proactive how have we found ourselves in this situation?

    • Frank Chombela

      When’s a commission of inquiry coming to establish what really happened? This property has cost NAPSA a lot of money to redevelop and we cannot afford to have it not earning money. If the media in Zambia was good enough, by now the NAPSA director-general would have been put on the spot. What did their project manager do? What reports were rendered on what was going on? Who was the contractor?

    • Simpasa

      That is true, a monitoring and evaluation department is needed, this is the department that is supposed to be in forefront to see to it that all the building infrastructures and roads in Zambia a inspected.

    • mulengachisanga

      This is becoming a problem to use Zambia and call costful the people of Zambia… before opening the building to the public why don’t they recheck wether it won’t be a danger to people’s lives…

  2. Slim

    The officers of EIZ are paid handsomely to do what? In the time we started paying annual fees to belong to them in name I have not seen anyone from this institution visit our company. What are they supposed to be doing for engineering companies? We are now compelled to belong to EIZ otherwise the mines wouldn’t send enquiries. It appears we pay them to do nothing! I hope someone sues them for such a major lapse. Strange it has been highlighted by head of state! I smell a rat.

    • Frank Chombela

      The project was not developed by the EIZ but by NAPSA and ZNBS under professional advice from construction and structural engineering experts acting as private consultants. Their approval and membership of the EIZ does not mean that EIZ is liable because it was not party to the contract.

  3. Apprentice

    EIZ my foot!!! They can’t even teach a fish how to swim! Useless.

  4. Charlie

    How many traps? Uncountable! Structures over 80 years old are still in good shape, but just ask me how many times I have had to really do my floor and it still develops cracks. I am tired of blaming builders. What kind of cement are we sold?

    • Serena

      Corrupt officials and sub standard building material like cement, tile fix etc have had a negative impact on construction.

  5. Lethal Weapon

    EIZ is not responsible for monitoring such projects…their role is to ensure that the Engineers that do the design and construction of these structures are qualified and have the necessary expertise….it is the duty of the national council for construction to monitor such undertakings….EIZ only regulates the personel and companies that carry out the projects by ensuring that they have the required expertise.

  6. Skumbuzo mthali

    EIZ have failed to do their job!!!

  7. TNEM

    Almost none of these substandard works are due to incompetence or limited knowledge and skill. Everything is deep rooted in unethical conduct or corruption/tulyemo. Sadly, this is a systemic problem running all the way from the highest level down to the night guard.

    We do not need good looking roads and buildings if they will extort, from poor people, 3 to 4 times their real cost.

    This country needs nothing short of complete overhaul.

  8. Andrew Sinyangwe

    What we have in Zambia are maintenance engineers and that is a fact….

    • Mwewa Innocent

      I have always asked myself, 56years after independence surely we can’t have our own engenders to even undertake a road construction? true its supervising not only in engineering but in so many fields, and until we begin to have confidence in our own human resource, we shall forever be supervisors

    • Misael

      I wouldn’t wonder since business society park was built in PF..

  9. MG

    Scammers 🤯😭😭😭😭

  10. Kaluba Musenda Simuyemba

    What you see is nothing but endemic & systemic corruption due poor and weak INSTITUTIONAL frameworks.

    What you see are simply symptoms and effects.

    The bark is foundation of our independence order anchored in irrelevant educational systems.
    I end here for now

  11. Elias

    Hope the airports won’t develop the same problems.

  12. Allen Chipipa

    EIZ is a just a figure heard. Same is ERB. These instructions do nothing to better our living conditions yet that is what an engineer is trained to do. It is a shame that we have a bunch of them getting paid for their academic qualifications and not for what they do. It’s high time this country demanded what is worth of these cardres. It supprise me to see them getting employed instead of them creating employment. No wonder things are blowing
    up right in their faces. They have been proactive, my foot.

  13. Daliso Mwale

    I think even the basement carpark looks like a death trap , sprinkler system doesn’t look up to stand too.

  14. Lawson

    Seconds from Disaster!!

  15. Mutale

    People go to school graduate as engineers on paper,not as practicing engineers EIZ,NCC GRZ building engineers and consultants, how does it feel to fail on such a project, where are the concrete cast samples and who tested them, let’s take up our professional jobs as a call of duty to the Nation,just like defence forces do,I rest my case

    • l.ast Engineer Standing.

      The design and construction is not the responsibility of EIZ and they have no way of controlling that. That entirety the responsibility of the CONSULTING Engineer and the CONTRACTING ENGINEERS. EIZ however has a responsibility of Enforcing Proffessional and ethical conduct of these Engineers. During the construction period the Project Manager should have watched over what was going on and if he was compitent, would have red flagged the performance of the Engineers to EIZ.
      With the current situation, it time to go for Structural Engineer’s Proffessional indemnity. Hopefully it was un place and valid.

      • Edwin

        But the audit was done by EIZ, and the result was a failure. What did EIZ do? Nothing but just sitting on them, and today you are telling us that it is not the duty for EIZ to control the engineering. Then why do we have them?

  16. Tito

    EIZ should engage Conditon Monitoring Specialisation at All levels Test,Analyze approve and Certify have a record and schedule for any out of vibration testing certificates.

  17. Lucy m Phiri

    It’s call again system everywhere. God help us

  18. Jonathan Makwamba

    It is very sad. How would the learned Engineers flag off the opening of such a building which is right in the middle of the CBC?? Surely such a building clobbered millions of dollars to be where it is now. Zambians are we serious with safety of our people??

  19. Cephas

    Nice move Mr President

  20. Steven Chishimba

    In the past EIZ was not involved in the various projects across the country but individual engineers who are members of EIZ have been involved either as consultants or contractors.

    Times are now changing where EIZ must now get involved at every stage of the various projects as an Institution that is a custodian of register of all qualified engineers. EIZ must be involved in inspections and audits of projects going across the country.

    As part of the family of engineers in Zambia, the sentiments from the Head of State suggest that EIZ and other engineering bodies must the uncompromising leading role in ensuring that engineering projects meet quality with acceptable cost and time limits.

  21. Johane Mpofu

    Okay what’s better to blame than monitoring stage by stage?, After some money is already invested irresponsible that is when you open your eyes where were you all the way? Zambia work up until then we will remain poor and power.Those engineers are not serious

  22. Eng.A

    Impurities and corruption is the cancer we have in this systems.
    If we do an audit to the roads built in the recent past ala bwafya bweka bweka.

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