Lusaka ~ Mon, 19 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Renowned Catholic Priest Fr Lastone Lupupa on Sunday, during the National Day of Prayer and Fasting, said President Edgar Lungu was sent by God and that God had given him to Zambians.

Speaking during a bible preaching, Fr Lupupa added that there was no need for President Edgar Lungu to campaign in next year’s general election because he was God-sent.

“Today, we are going to perform a ritual. Today, Caesar is going to be empowered not only to command the armed forces but begin to command the economy. You are God sent, God has given you to us. Your Excellency, in case you have been doubting, you don’t need to campaign next year. I am not campaigning for you but I’m telling you the heavenly settings, the operating system under which I perceive, I am not campaigning,” he said.

“Today, we have a Caesar in our midst, it is His Excellency the President. Do we pay taxes to the President? No. We pay our taxes to the government and three things are very important to the Christians; they don’t evade tax, Christians are the number one in obedience to paying tax”, he added.

The bible message was centered on Caesar in which he likened President Lungu to Caeser, saying there was need to give Caeser what belongs to Caesar and that when it comes to voting, Christians were supposed to be number one on the queue to vote.

He further gave President Lungu spiritual guidance saying if there is somebody who was going in the wrong direction, there was need to take charge and maintain law and order.

“ God has created the state, the state has the police officers, the state has the army just to bring us back and it acts on behalf of God. To arrest you, to incarcerate, to put you behind bars, Caesar is the commander-in-chief not only of the armed forces,” said Fr Lupupa.

He further advised political leaders not to engage in political violence.


  1. FuManchu

    If this priest can tell who God sent on this earth then why doesn’t he just help disclosing everyone who wasn’t so that people know where they are destined and stop wasting time being religious!

  2. Arm chair coach

    A priest hallucinating!

  3. brainwasher


  4. Hanging balls

    Unbelievably appalling

  5. LN

    The driest’s sermon seems to be empty.

  6. CC

    Having known father Lupupa for sometime now, I was surprised to hear his teaching on that day, where he even went on to say he was not campaigning for Lungu when infact he was doing that.

  7. harriso

    he campaign for e.c.l we hear what he was teaching

  8. Tikambepo

    Lupupa are you sure this dictator is god sent but not from GOD??????probably he might have from seer one’s god NOT the almighty one,GOD of Jacob,Misheck and Abedinego zero! The bible says you shall know them by their fruits but the fruits we are seeing in this man eg hate,corruption,lies,gassing of children of GOD,theft,drunkenness,selfishness you can name it……is this what Lupupa is referring to as God’s sent thing????posterity will judge this priest and I doubt if one lupupa represents God.

  9. Idi Amin

    All dictators have someone who says they are God-sent.

  10. Chingola

    Foolish priest


    Fr lupupa muletusebanya with the homily you are giving out tell the president the truth.Ichishinka tachonaula cibusa , what where you seeking to the heard of state you want also to be like fr Frank bwalya coz he also started the same way you have started please if you are not credible to to let your friend doso on your program you are not going to lose anything.

  12. Pcm

    Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world but of heaven the almighty God has not sent anyone in this governance systems of the earth but choosing a president is for us, that’s why there’s no righteous and holy Spirit anointed president even from traditional chiefs,in the Bible Kings were anointed with the holy Spirit to pull in righteousness if he dishobey God’s laws then God moved out his spirit in that way he’s rejected no votes, now I don’t believe our presidents on this planet are God’s sent because they have to be holy Spirit filled and Serv in righteousness and truth study very well 1st Samuel 16:1-14 I have alot to say on this matter

  13. Lovemore

    Who ever has read the story of Caeser would notice that Fr Lupupa was mocking ba Lungu indirectly.

  14. Daniel Banda

    The fact that most people making comments using fake and cynical names talks volume of their uselessness in the country’s destiny. Simply put they are not communicating to anyone, therefore will not achieve anything out of their agony.

  15. Rhk

    Wasembe afuna ndalama kwa ecl offering is too little, better join politics why hiding behind the Bible come open.

  16. Maybin

    Go back to the bible and understand it God has not sent any president plz

  17. Chaongopa

    Gr8 Lupupa did not only say about the rulling party or the president Edgar Chagwa Lungu no. He even talked about opposition parties that next year there’s no need of even campaign or causing violence only God will give us a leader. Fr Lupupa was not one sided or biased. In fact those who heard the sermon very well you can tell that the priest was telling the president the facts about the countries well-being. The priest also talked about acquiring a land for each and every Zambian with a title deed and plant Mukula tree on it so that each and every Zambian can enjoy the God given land.

  18. JMS

    How can he say something bad if he is a nonzambian. Let him he protected himself.

  19. PeaceZed

    You will only appreciate Zambia’s peace when you find nowhere to run to when upnd sets this country on the fire they so much talk about. hh and ck will run away leaving you to defend yourself as is always the case: The wicked will run away!. Defend what is yours now!



  21. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    This is what MMD also used to say ” eee sata if win there will be in the county”.did see war you fools? We sick and tired with a poor governance full of corruption and theft . only stupid people can support pf, and it’s leadership. If you want to see the real thing about pf government, stop smoking expired weed. Ask the exparing date before you smoke. Fools

  22. JMS

    Thats my man thanks, people will be saying nonsese aslong as the think to silence normal people, in the bible tells us to stay strong nomatter what occurs, imagine the blind man was told to keep quiet when shouting the name of Jesus for help instead he insisted until for sure felt pit and come for his help so hypocrites understand nomatter occurs no one will silence us, knock the door will be opened, ask you will be given. Now some helpless people dislike this , shame on you.

  23. Razor

    Is this really a catholic priest saying that? Maybe the church should look at self introspect.

  24. Villager

    He is really God sent with such a brown envelope

  25. Fyakuifwaila

    Ba lupupa shame on you what ever words you used is very lie and for that you should repent for the first time to hear that message from Catholic Church priest after corrupted because I know that Catholic priest are strong but you shame on you once more

    • Djm

      That’s very true my dear, fake & fake preaching busy deceiving the followers.

  26. Jimmy

    I don’t believe and I argue to be God sent never, how then him & his people and busy tormenting the opposition denying them permits, torelating corruption, how come the economy during his rule has come to worse? that is absolutely false. He said this and I guote, “I HAVE VISION FOR ZAMBIA” kkkkkkkkkk God sent don’t cheat yourselves.

  27. DM

    Typing error instead” I HAVE NO VISION FOR ZAMBIA”

  28. Lupupa

    Ba lupupa which God are you talking about? God sent lungu to us? I didn’t think so, our almighty God can’t give us such a leader,ma maybe your godmr lupupa.
    It’s money you want from the president that’s why…..👺
    Mind the way you talk to people 👩‍🏫👩👴👶🧔👳👸🤦

  29. kelvin D Mulanga

    UPND has a large number of desktop followers, if he wishes to win an election any time soon he should propose having social media votes. But because this can only be proposed in parliament and his MPs are told to be outside he has to wait untill he allows his MPs to sit in parliament. Why do these guys who support monarchy ruler in a republican state itch when a republican president is praised or supported?

  30. Lufwinyeba

    Bakali ba upnd

  31. Dominic Mwale

    John 12:28-30
    Father, glorify thy name. There came therefore a voice out of heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again. The multitude therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it had thundered: others said, An angel hath spoken to him. Jesus answered and said, This voice hath not come for my sake, but for your sakes.(Amrican Standard Vision)
    zambians, let us not become petty in spiritual issues
    To help out on what the priest preached ask yourself the following questions for you as an individual in relationship with the scripture above:
    1.How many things did the priest highlighted in the message for you as an individual?
    2.In the same scripture done by the priest, where have you done well and where have you not done well as an individual?
    3.Where do you position yourself i.e. those who head thunder while it is not raining, head for other people, God spoke to you as an individual?
    4.Are you serious and tracking God for your personal development?

  32. Bunda mafia

    Very disappointed with Priest Lupupa, most of Men of God in PF the are sleeping around , preachers , stealing , name it it’s on them, and the leadership has allowed it , which normal person can tell people the he is godly sent wen he has stolen Half of Z , gdp,

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