Zambians Will Vote For Me Again In 2021 – President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has declared that he is confident of victory in the 2021 elections because he has done a lot of works for the country.

Speaking in Chilubi at a rally to drum up support for the PF candidate in the Chilubi council chairperson by-election, the Head of State said he will be President beyond 2021.

“Zambians will bring me back in 2021 because I have done a lot of works for the country,” President Lungu said and asked Chilubi residents to vote for PF candidate Rosemary Chimbini for the area to develop.

He said he is aware of the needs of the people in the area.

The Head of State also said his government is a listening government that works with the people.


  1. zoona

    Very true mr president. I was among those who were doubtful of you but your deeds have proved me wrong

  2. Tuckson

    thank you mr president

  3. Kolokombwa

    Rampart corruption ,economic mismanagement,hunger and poverty will ensure the demise of this presidency.N0 more kleptocracy.

  4. Rhk

    Don’t forget bill ten

  5. k

    napapata.mwaculeni na corruption fulu fulu God will answer as he has foreseen the winner.


    Bushe ekweba ati ,twalabwelela ku “one party state,” nangula ni (BILL 10) dont kubeba efyo mwalatusunga tulekonka.?

  7. Lupupa

    Wrong Mr President, just start pakipac your katundu coz we are ready to vote u out out out out


    Kikikikikikikiki… He is a day dreamer!!!!

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