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What started out like a normal day at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court complex today turned out into an episode of drama, rage and regrettable disregard for the rules. NDC leader Chishimba was to appear for hearing on whether or not his application for bail is rightfully before principal resident magistrate David Simusamba who sent him to jail on charges of forgery and uttering a false document a week ago.

Like always, whenever a political figure is appearing at court, the police put in place adequate security measures to avoid incidents that would be a clear breach of the law and the rules of the courts. Therefore, any person trying to gain entry into the court grounds will undergo thorough screening to ensure only the people needed are allowed in.

And this requirement applies to all, regardless of who you are – relative, political figure, etc. We all saw how the police made sure the leader of the opposition UPND was allowed entry only with necessary staff from his political party and not cadres who, in most cases, cause confusion at court. We have not forgotten how some PF cadres were beaten up and bundled into in a police vehicle a few months ago at the command of Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr Bonny Kapeso himself because of their disorderly conduct at court. Simply put, no one is spared at court if your conduct is considered disrespectful to the decorum that the courts carry.

But we saw disorderly conduct, sadly, from Mrs Kambwili and her daughter who failed to reason with the police officers that were at court only to enforce the law and ensure the proceedings of the matter involving their loved one went on uninterrupted. It is not pleasing to see women going through what Mrs Kambwili and her daughter went through but, remember, that rules and regulations have to be followed by all. When one’s conduct is seen to be outside the law, anyone is held accountable – the law is blind. We sympathise with the two but we hope that this will make others realise that court grounds are not play areas where anyone can be allowed to throw tantrums and they are left scot free. Go and ask the PF cadre who were carpeted by police! They now know how to respect themselves wherever they go because, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!




  2. bitcoin

    We ask CKs sympathisers a simple question: WAS KAMBWILI GUILTY OF THE OFFENCE?

  3. kagalu

    Bana Kambwili tekanyeni mayo. You had the chance to advise your husband not to do what he did. BUT mwasalilepo indalama no bufufu ntungu. Lelo elyo mwise mukukalipa bufi bufi. you knew what you were doing ,

  4. Mwalule

    Ignorance is not gud. She is far much behind

  5. I'm pan African

    I’m not saying the law should not take it’s course but I think They should release kambwili he’s no criminal to deserve this . let’s not apply double standard here .We have alot of criminals out there walking freely some are abusing the states treasury yet untouchable & the gvmnt is turning death 👂 . gassers , ritual killers .They pretend to be sheep 🐑 when inside them are vicious .africa wake up

    • Law and order

      Mr Kambwili has been convicted, hence is a criminal, he did comit a crime no wonder he is in prison. Who is he not to be imprisoned. Comit a crime uzamu ziba Emmanuel. And u poor pipo u don’t have even pipo to speak on your behalf you can’t even hire a lawyer . But busy supporting a criminal. There innocent poor pipo in prison who need your voice and support, have u supported them. Mwamona engineering he forged the signatures, tell me in zambia where forgery not a crime for rich pipo but it is crime for poor pipo. Kambwili is a kabolala let him appeal to court if he is not happy with our judgment.

    • Musyani

      When you say there are alot of criminals out there,what do you mean?doesn’t the law have to start jailing them from somewhere like in this case it is ck.he is guilty of forgery and he benefitted from that even boasting that he can take a flight to go have a coffee in London anytime and come back,so stop feeling sorry for him the man cheated the system and has enjoyed himself,now he has been caught pants down he must do his time.
      So all other people deserve to be in jail except him?it cant be big fishers also must go in when found guilty.

    • Evans

      The only problem we are having in Zambia particularly is that we are shielding the real criminals in the need for money. The law is only applicable to those outside the ruling part.

  6. I'm pan African

    I think Mrs kwambili action was out of anger because her loved one is behind bars and there’s no doubt any human being can do that depending on individuals emotional control so I see no point of criticism unless if you are not using logic.

    • In ze weldi

      I get it and on point

    • Fear not death but defeat

      I agree with you in totality.! Unless someone doesn’t understand the meaning of “heat of passion”. That is to say, ( intensely emotional state of mind induced by a type of provocation that would cause a “reasonable” person to act on impulse or without reflection).

  7. AM

    People have to know what that scale symbol on judiciary badges means , the should be balanced regardless who you are.

  8. Chendabusiku

    Order will return to our great Nation only when we start treating everyone equally. Some people are still drunk with the past, that when your relative or husband or who ever it is holds some form of position they all grow wings. Even if you are sad you cannot slap the Govt. A police office carries the responsibility of Govt on them. It does not matter whether or not you are a nurse on Mars you have to respect the rules of this country. You can go and live in the UK if you want but you have to respect our laws. It is enough for police officers being disrespected in the name of politics. This Nurse thinks she is already a president or a wife of a president. Much as we respect our mothers when they go overboard they need to feel the heat.

    • Felcha

      Do you have proof that she slapped the zp officer? Can you share share the footage showing her slapping zp just like when they were being animally hauled into the vehicle?

    • Robby

      I agree with you. She think shes so smart when shes just showing her stupidity. Thank God the law has stated catching them.

  9. Asoza

    Regardless of the circumstances it is wrong to slap a man in uniform. This is exactly the behavior of the cadres that attacked the police…it is wrong and must be condemned. CK can appeal and if he has a story case then the system will be on his side. But from the facts before court he is even lucky to get 12 months. Many convicted of such an offence have received worse sentences. Nobody should be above the law!

    • Felcha

      Jay Jay beat the police in their territory and above all had thunderous welcome for executing planned beating. What did we see, Davies Mwila reacted by suspending Jay Jay, though shamed him by the power that be by instructing law keepers to release him. So this brutality we started executing in full view of the nation is a seed we shall one day pay for.
      The president should seriously restructure police service and ban all cadre police . The police having been venting anger/fury on civilians/noncadres coz cadres are too powerful for them.

  10. Truth man

    Many Zambians are in the habit of losing self control in public out of emotion . I think people have to learn to seek the help of medical counselling when faced with stressful situations than trying to face such issues alone. A stressful situation can bring other serious health problems like strokes etc. Therefore Mrs Kambwili and her family should seek medical counselling from my observations, this is something they never believed could happen to them .

    • Majuda

      No my brother, its not that Zambians are in the habit of losing self control, its only a few undisciplined Zambians who think they are above the law who misconduct themselves in public like some one did lately, but as usual the law took care of that and she will now behave accordingly. Slapping a police officer? Indiscipline of the last order🙋

      • Jml

        Am just wondering if at all she became a first lady I don’t know wha

        Am just wondering if at all she become first lady how she would be treating her bodyguard.

  11. Majuda

    I don’t blame Mrs Kambwili, she never went for national service, otherwise she would have been a good orderly citizen. I therefore ask govt to introduce national service.There is to much indiscipline🙋

  12. Vanity

    Pf page, zooona

  13. Jimmy shaba

    Mrs kambwili was over taken by emotions .we should bear with her.she is going through a turbulence

  14. Ngoma Yamaano

    From some comments above it is clear that some people in Zambia dont understand that as duty bearers police men and women have a particular obligation or responsibility to respect, promote, protect and realise human rights and to abstain from human rights violations. Instead of demanding full accountability from police for failing to fulfill their obligation in respecting, promoting and protecting human rights, some people create imaginary own laws and so called Zambian culture which allows men and women in uniform to violate human rights of Mrs Kambwili and her daughter

  15. wajimona

    Munabadelela ba buju now they can’t take it any more. Sort them out!

  16. Ken Sex

    Imagine missing conjugal rights for 24 months… Kuti wauma na kapokola ulupi!!! 2 years tabakulyapo, ine kuti napena… Kikikikikiki… Bana Kambwili is simply an educated fool. She thinks she is so special and untouchable because her husband’s political status. Honestly slapping a cop in uniform… Mwalesalula ifyakwiba nabalume bobe, it’s time to pay back. Mwalishitisha imyaka, kulipila nomba!!!!

  17. Pharaoh

    I respect fairness of people’s comments. I equally agree with the above contributions except NGOMA YAMANO’s comment.Yes indeed we all know that there’s human rights.Do in this case whom do you think violated the so called human right?.On the other words,did Mrs Kambwili and daughter had that right to slap officers in uniform?. Awe naimwe fimo ifintu tulelanda pakati.If someone did make a mistake thereby contravening the laws of our land,let’s all condemn it.Acting out of anger does not bring respect and reasonable conclusion at all.

    • Pharaoh

      I respect fairness of people’s comments. I equally agree with the above contributions except NGOMA YAMANO’s comment.Yes indeed we all know that there’s human rights.Do in this case whom do you think violated the so called human right?.On the other words,did Mrs Kambwili and daughter had that right to slap officers in uniform?. Awe naimwe fimo ifintu tulelanda pakati.If someone did make a mistake thereby contravening the laws of our land,let’s all condemn it.Acting out of anger does not bring respect and reasonable conclusion at all.

    • Fear not death but defeat

      I agree with you! However, it’s in the face of extreme provocation that well trained officers will exhibit at most professionalism. It was a woman they were dealing with. Unarmed and vulnerable! The force they used was too extreme for that gender. She was wrong, but the officer’s reaction was disproportionate. Officers are taken for training in order to equip them with skills on how to deal with agitated civilians without excessive force. I’m really worried about the manner the officers bundled those women.

  18. Old Mzee

    Mrs LKambwili is wrong.Slaping a polce officer is very wrong infact she should be sent to jail so that she will also be dismissed as a nurse in UK.Try slapping a Police Officer in UK,France,Italy,US,Russia,China….you will regret for the rest of your life.Soon she will join Mrs Mumba,Miyanda and many more

  19. Ngoma Yamaano

    Pharaoh, you saw the video on how the police conducted themselves when arresting the two women. In arresting people, police are not allowed to violate the rights of people they arrest. What is wrong with the comments I have made above bwana Pharaoh?

  20. Law clear

    Kambwili knew forgery case he wil b jailed and he managed 2 organise pipo inadvance 2 sympatherise 4 him. Judge DAVID is abused by kambwili and his lawyers who where left him and 2 slow justice wheel 2 turn fast. In Zambia, COURT Judge are in politicans pocket who blong 2 ruling and opposition leader

  21. muzo

    mr i’m pan african,if u have evidence report all the suspects to the courts of the law or to ACC and stand before the people of zambia.But with no evidence just shut up.Zeep ur ass.

  22. muzo

    Mr i’m pan african,if u have evidence report all the suspects to the courts of the law or to ACC and stand 4 the people of zambia.But with no evidence just shut up.Zeep ur ass.

  23. Old Mzee

    Mrs Kambwili was wrong to resist arrest by Police.Actually she can be sent to jail for a maximum of six months for that.
    Law is law those who are pushing her will disappear when you thrown into the cooler

  24. Gm

    For her to slap a police she was was not treated well

  25. SLAP K

    “Slapping a state officer in uniform ” for me it symbolize you are weak, let’s ask that Arab women who slapped a US soldier way back what happened after that slapping then we shall know the gravity of the situation we are in I think it’s more than forgery or

    • Pharaoh

      In fact its no longer a police force, but service. The Police are well trained how to handle people depending on a particular.crime committed by the suspect(s) and not forgetting the circumstances along side it.Some one has rightly said it,resisting an arrest means that there’s no obdience and lawful order which is expected to be adhered to onced directed to any abiding citizen hence the police are mandated to use minimum force to aa certain degree specified by the law itself.Ihope bwana NGOMA YAMANO could be able to grapse some thing as per his request.

  26. Pharaoh

    grasp and not grapse

  27. Mak

    So it is wrong to slap a man in uniform but right to fist and rob a man in uniform at a police station? Those who beat and rob men in uniform are easily granted a noble! You are not commenting on a platform of toddlers, mind you.

  28. John k

    It is so sad to hear that they have to sympathies with Ck in the first place there are a lot of pipo that have gone to jail even the innocent and they have done their time and who is Ck let’s work up Zambians its not right let’s learn to call a wrong a wrong regardless of the color, gender,rich or poor etc cause to me it doesn’t make sense because there are a lot of poor people suffering in jail why to speak for them if you feel they need justice but you want to speak for someone with powerful lawyers for that matter why. It’s not fair let’s learn to appreciate and embrace the work of our judiciary. To me if politicians regardless of their political party breaks the law has to be jailed to me that’s justice.

  29. Mubanga Kaoma

    There two issues you raised but fail short of reasoning.
    1. Mrs and Miss Kambwili were at the courts not as cadres but as family members or rather as blood relatives. Hence it was important whether law requires or not they attend to show LOVE to husband and father respectively, whereas
    2. The pf cadres you keep on referring to, had ulterior intentions. That is to be seen by theiron master that they are there. And in so doing they breached the law by pretending to be security officers. Unless you were telling the world it was normal for one to pretend to be a law enforcer. This is really what has happened to society cadres give out plots on the pretext of being agents of the president, others have the audacity to even call themselves as Commanders. This we are made to live with it while the same Commanders extort money with impunity and no action has been taken against these elements.
    I stand to be corrected.

  30. Peter Kazembe

    Reading the comments above I am wondering if anyone has been to court witnessing how people are sentenced and how people beg for they lives. People are being jailed everyday what makes CK’s case so different?

  31. Jml

    Am just wondering if at all she become first lady how she would be treating her bodyguard.

  32. Jah rules

    Mama ck didn’t slap a gvt officer, but slapped a pf carder abusing a Zambian gvt police uniform,

  33. Old Mzee

    I agree with you peter Kazembe.those of us who have been to the Courts seeing people begging for their lives,breaking down because their lives are about to be ruined,marriages about to break,school children about to be kicked out of school,rentals not about to be paid and pending evictions etc will not support some of these reckless comments.
    Please go to court and see for yourself what happens.
    CK brought it on himself and mind you there are still more cases pendind for CK.Iam sure he is fast learning that crime does not pay
    Mrs Kambwili should be ashamed of herself,she is married to a dishonest man,she exposed herself in public,with a pending case for her too

  34. Daniel Banda

    What type of Pan Africanism are you practising by defending criminality attitude in society? Kambwili himself knows that he is guilty and whatever drama his wife performed at the courts was meant to sooth the ego of ignorant people like you who continue to politicise everything in the country for political yexpedience.

    • Old Mzee

      Surely some of these so called Pan Africanism make us wonder.They are so ignorant about whatever they say.Surely these are the type of people who support even thieves who break into peoples house,shops and such malcontents will say it is intiative

  35. T

    Pbrigada t

  36. Makasa bwali

    Forgery is a crime and anyone who dare to do it should face the law and he enjoyed alone and he was jailed alone

  37. Costain.

    Anyway it all happens because people take the laws in their own hands. If I may ask how many of you who are in place have never done any wrong?. God is watching.

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