PF Is Bigger Than An Individual – Mwakalombe

Lufwanyama ~ Tue, 20 Oct 2020

Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe says the PF is bigger than an individual and that there is no single party member who can make President Edgar Lungu win the 2021 General Elections.

Speaking at a victory thanksgiving rally in Lufwanyama on Monday to thank residents for voting for the PF candidate in recently-held ward by-election, Mr Mwakalombe said the victory of President Lungu can only come through collective effort.

“The party is bigger than an individual. It is the wards through unity that win elections,” Mr Mwakalombe said.

PF Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda said respecting the people who voted for the ruling party is key.

“Today, we have come to deliver the message of thanks from President Edgar Lungu for voting for our PF candidate in the just recently held Chibanga ward by elections in Lufwanyama District,” Mr Chanda said.

He encouraged the new Councillor, Evans Chipupu, to continue being humble and work for the people.

Former UPND Chairman for Labour Gabriel Namulambe said he will deliver Lamba land to the PF.


  1. Arm chair coach

    So this Ka crumb seeker Namulambe is back? Shameful…this is what hunger does to weak minded politicians. Always compromising principlesvhoping to eat from the people!

  2. Jabulani


  3. Razor

    The only vote namulambe will deliver for the PF is,himself. Not even his wife or children will vote for them.

  4. Chitimbwapre

    Razor you depend on tribe. Pf depends on Zambians cry baby

  5. Lethal Weapon

    Tabakapite nangu chikabe shani….baleya ba mumbwe….

  6. Honest muyuni

    any way time is coming for you to cry trust me and mark my words

  7. Mwachuleni Mukwai

    Ba Mudala in pf ,you ar just like a driver who couldn’t stop even if some one is telling him that his car is about to bust ,ena alefulumuka fye ulubilo, mwilakwate minsula kuti mwaonaulefingi kubanobe.

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