Prophet Bushiri And Wife Mary Arrested By Hawks

The Hawks have arrested Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) leader known as Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary.

The arrests come as the special police branch intensifies its fight against corruption and misuse of public funds.

The statement by the church reveals that the Malawi born preacher handed himself to the police after his wife was arrested at their home in Pretoria.

Statement by the church:

Pretoria: The Hawks informed lawyers of our leaders, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri, late Monday afternoon that they (Hawks) are requesting the couple to go to their office by 11am accompanied by their lawyers to discuss an issue concerning a certain investment pertaining to certain company called RISING ESTATE.

We are told as the Prophet and lawyers were getting prepared for the 11 am appointment, the Hawks went to their house before the 11 am appointment and arrested the Prophet’s wife alone.

We are told the Prophet is on his way to the Hawks office to hand over himself. He believes in the justice system of the country and he will abide by all what the law compels until all this war is done.

As the matter is still currently under criminal investigation, we have been advised not to discuss this matter any further.


  1. Patrick Mwale

    Live Shepherd Bushiri alone!!!

  2. bitcoin

    Ka bushiri ni ka kabwalala…… conman and swindler.

    • Prof. Simweemba

      Sir, watch your words. They will one day bite you.

    • Chosen

      Be careful what you say concerning the man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Those words will be used against you by God Himself on that day. Better be on the side of God than be clapped for by the entire world simply because of negative utterances against the man and woman of God.
      God bless you all guys.

      • Avalon

        I don’t considered Bushiri as a Man of God. He is a fraudster and its sad that you cannt see it



  4. Jabulani

    This guy is false prophet I can’t even attend his service

  5. KERRY

    Bushiri is a fucking prophet..😯😯😯😯😯

    • Chosen

      How many souls have you yourself led to Jesus Christ? The servant of God is doing his part. What have you done for God in this life so far?
      Receive Jesus Christ in your heart and be saved. Jesus is coming back sooner than you think. Everything you think, say and do is being recorded in heaven all the time. You can die anytime. This is not your life. Our Creator, Almighty God, is the Owner of your life. Don’t live here on earth boasting about your life which is not yours at all.
      Repent of your sins. Jesus loves you more than you know.
      Read the word of God daily and let it minister to you through the Holy Spirit. Cricizing and insulting men of God will only end you up in hell fire. You do mot get saved by speaking ill of others. You become saved by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.
      May God bless you much more.
      I love you.

  6. Simon Asha Nkhata

    Too bad to the followers of him..

  7. Major General


  8. Malumbo Lungu

    Stop doing that to the anointed Man of God.He has done nothing bad.

  9. kelvin D Mulanga

    If this happened in Zambia the opposition would have been up in arms. They would have been condenming Lungu because he is siting on the position that they want. Kambwili’s wife slaps a law enforcement officer and the opposition is up in arms demanding her release for asault. We need to support our law enforcement agents. If the UPND is genuine in fixing any thing at all these are the things they should be dealing with in parliament not on the streets, it is disgusting.

  10. Zwelithini

    Investigate this chap! If guilty send him to Poolsmoor , get all his illgotten oroperty auction it and serve the poor. Thereafter put him on an open truck and dump him at the Malawian birder!

  11. Jamfest

    Ba D Mapulanga You Are Enjoying Kambwili’s Misery Zoona. Chaona Munzako Chapita. Put Yourself In His Shoes

  12. Next King

    Fungi to ma false prophets in RSA. Culprits are as usual Nigerians and Congolese! Send them to their home countries please!

  13. Danny Simbaya

    God will never leave him alone, he is well protected.

  14. Miracle Angel

    I stand with major 1….. we shall overcome, the devil is a lier


    Money kingdom

  16. Modester Mumba 0979346732

    hes a conman

  17. Papatango

    Why this world is full of drama? We are living in the last days indeed. Hypocrisy at the mountain.

  18. AM

    World is full of hypocrisy, God has warned us to open our eyes , see and know people who labour among us because not everyone who call God father are His.

  19. Musyani

    Reminds me of one great Zambian singer pk chishala ati hallelujah emomulila.despite the man being blind he saw through them these pastors long before it was fashionable.

  20. Gift

    Only God knows the truth, may the true living God save them 🙏🙏🙏

  21. Mike

    Under the 🌞 sun when someone is happening others stop their business inorder to pause others .becoz they themselves to on top . leave the prophet alone ,if he’s a false prophet what’s your business .

  22. Daniel dmt

    God is in control

  23. Michelle

    God will never forsake his own

  24. Chosen

    People of God, you need to know God and have a personal relationship with Him. Things of the Spirit are not the same as things of this world. You can talk volumes. But at the end of the day, ask yourself if what you are doing in your own life is in line with the world of God or not. Just be sincere with yourself.
    Hell is real. Heaven is real too. There’s no man’s land. There’s no inbetween. You are either on the devil’s side or on the Lord’s side. I pray that you make your decision while you still have the time, while you are alive or before the Owner of heaven and earth and all that is in them returns.
    Find a bible believing church and save God in sincerity and in truth. Attending church for the sake of registering your presence there cannot save you; wearing that special attire or uniform at your church will not save you; being a good person to others will not save you. But repenting of your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour is what will save you from him fire.
    Religion will not save you.

    With much more love.

  25. Lao

    It seems to me that a prophet can do some shady and bad things to his followers in the name of ” gods” and the followers won’t see it but will continue following blindly….

    Ever wondered why the Bible calls believers ” SHEEP”???

    “Think for yourselves, don’t be sheep”

  26. Miracle

    Bushiri can’t handover himself to the police. You can’t be seated at home while your wife is in problems.zambian report don’t put spicing stories to make the readers fill interesting.the bible says do not despise any man of God.we are all sinners living in a sinful world.let us just pray for him..then for those who are saying that he is a false prophet go and deliver him if you see that you are the true and faithful Children of God….Miracle songz commenting.

  27. Habbakuk kasempa



    Even Jesus Christ Himself was called a thief,a false prophet e.t.c.Judge not that you may not be judged.
    God knows everything whether Bushiri is a true man of God or is a false prophet. By the way you can’t judge a man whom you dont stay with you just watch him on a television.I stand on the side of God.


    God is on the better position to judge.

  30. McTrevor Chifunda

    I stand with major1 no matter what he is the prophet of the true God

  31. Evangelist Cephas Bogolo Peter

    Justice must prevail, the Bible did not say you should follow the persecuter but they shall persecute the Christian.

  32. Mercy

    Prophet Bushiri a true man of God

  33. Mercy

    God of my prophet is the answer

  34. Clive Chiinza

    I will stand in prayer with my Papa no matter the circumstance and may God oppose those who oppose innocent people

  35. Hahaaahah

    I Have Nothing To Say About This Issue I Dont Want God To Punish Me For The Things I Dont Knw

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