Eastern Province Records 1, 700 Teenage Pregnancies

Eastern Province has recorded over 1,700 pregnancies among school girls from January to date.

Provincial Education Officer Allan Lingambe says Petauke District has topped the list with 391 cases while Katete recorded 214.

Lingambe said that from 1, 784 cases captured, Chipata recorded 188 while Sinda and Lumezi had 171 and 131 cases respectively.

He said Chasefu recorded 103 cases while Kasenengwa had 92 with Lusangazi having 92.

The rest had Chipangali with 85 and Lundazi with 81.

In Vubwi district there were 78 cases recorded while Nyimba and Mambwe had 78 and 71 respectively.

He said Chadiza had 44 cases.



  1. Frank Chombela

    Alangizi mlikuni kansi? Dziko yata mweo ndwii.

  2. The voice of reason

    Are nineteen year olds part of these stats or is it just under age girls?

    • Banji

      It says teenagers so am sure they are part of the stats

    • Zm

      Yes – and does it also include married 19 year old women?
      Very difficult to ascertain the relevance of this article.

  3. Cosmas Moonga

    We allowed them to be proceeding on martenity leave ecpect the figures to be rising every year. Govt Primary and Secondary schools were not meant to be for mothers and fathers. Let those getting pregnant continue with their education using either night school or private schools

  4. Pharaoh

    Its too bad indeed.Is it due to COVID 19 alone. Or there are some contributing circumstances. I think us parents are not doing enough sensitization to our children or meeting the needs to our children hence,such alarming high figure of pregnancies.

  5. JMS

    Its true responsibility failure but not only parents the manifesto of the regime has contributed more than 75%. Understand this even now children are being chased from attending classes although payments will be done by parents nomatter what may, now extending punishment to parents losing their money whilst children weren’t attending classes. Which means much has to be done especially in rural areas.

  6. Wise


  7. LN

    Easters must stop buhule with children. It’s shameful. Let children concentrate on schooling.

  8. adviser

    There is too much freedom that has been given to the girl-child by NGOs. There is no guidance on self-discipline by the girls anymore because NGOs are concentrating on “who is making the girls pregnant”, forgetting the role that the girls play in their own pregnancies.

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