Lusaka ~ Wed, 21 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Government has assured Zambians that the country has enough fuel stock and more is expected soon, and motorists should therefore not engage in panic buying.

Energy minister Mr Matthew Nkhuwa said during a press briefing in Lusaka this afternoon that the erratic supply of fuel in some parts of the country was caused by the truck drivers’ strike which disrupted supply to depots and filling stations.

“We have enough fuel stock in the country. We are expecting more coming into the country very soon. The erratic supply of fuel experienced in some parts of the country is being normalized. During meeting with OMCs, it was clear that the shortage was mainly due to the strike by truck drivers which disrupted the delivery of fuel to depots and filling stations around the country. This triggered panic buying by members of the public,” Mr Nkhuwa said.

“There is no cause for panic, government remains resolute in ensuring that there is security of supply of fuel in order for the wheels of the economy to continue running. There is enough fuel stock in the country.”


  1. Paul Bbalo

    Mr minister I don’t think all the fuel comes from one place nor the driver’s that drive fuel trucks work for the same company just make the situation stable be for it’s too late don’t make false statements all along you have been quiet why didn’t you announce before

  2. Pharaoh

    He didn’t know that the drivers would stage a strike according yo his explanation and he knows which major source of fuel supply was affected most.

  3. Razor

    Just tell the truth. Drivers are not causing this as even if local drivers strike the foreign drivers can’t so fuel continues to come. This shortage has come immediately the finance minister announced that zambia has missed an interest payment on the eurobond which means creditors are in a panic and don’t want to supply fuel to zambia unless they receive payment in advance.

  4. Mr. BJ

    Negativity worries worries us who are looking for continuation turning of the wheel of development. Let there be what is good for Zambia to continue moving forward in oneness.

  5. East

    You always let us down better u step down mr minister,making fake statement lyonse.

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