IMF Finally Names Rep To Zambia, Signalling Positive Ties

The International Monetary Fund has finally named a new representative to Zambia, two years after the post was vacated.

This development signals possible improvement of relations between the IMF and Zambia that is seeking a suspension of interest payments on Eurobonds for six months.

The appointment of Preya Sharma, a special assistant to the director of the lender’s Africa department, comes after the government asked Alfredo Baldinito leave in 2018.

Sharma has not yet relocated to Lusaka due to travel disruptions amid the pandemic.


  1. Kingfred N Kapomba

    Thank you IMF for this positive move
    Now Ba prophets of Doom who only want bad things to happen to Zambia can take several seats.

  2. Maano

    But, there is no Debt Burden in Zambia. No Revenue Crisis!

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