Kambwili Returns To Court Today In Pursuit Of Bail

Lusaka ~ Thur, 22 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili is back in court today for hearing of his application for bail pending appeal before principal resident magistrate David Simusamba who jailed him to one year with hard labour for forgery and uttering a false document.

The matter came up on Tuesday but was adjourned today.

Mr Kambwili is at Kamwala Remand Prison.


  1. HervRena

    Walafuma cK,only agriev robbery and murder are non bailable.We told you naiwe,don’t dare govt.No matter how innocent u are they make sure they finish u with toture to avoid being exposed of their corrupt ways.

    • Musyani

      He is convicted so if I was him I will just c off the sentence,if he appeals both which is his right,then looses he risks having his sentence increased.

    • KALABA

      Waletelela abakashi na bana iwe Kambwili. This has nothing to do with politics. Ni bu pompwe!!

      • Jon kang

        Masumba was jailed for that same crime when he was a minister who is co.

    • lololo


  2. Kashweka Edward

    May God be with you CK and make you strong fikapita

  3. Old Mzee

    CK I hope you have learnt a lesson.Crime does not pay.How can the whole of you forge documents.Shame

    • Daniel Banda

      Wealth desire is the opium of the world it hyponises the greedy to fail to think about the consequences of wrong-doing only to wake up on the wrong side of the law.

    • Wonder

      You are right. I dont blame the govt please what they are trying to do is to excise the law. Law is law and it has to be applied. Let us not rush into defence so quickly. What this our man did was wrong. The truth is that he forged those documents and he has to be punished. So i dont see the point of people blaming pr lungu. He is not the one who made the law. So let us use our brains properly


    We told ck never campaign for these people, you’re digging your own grave ,you could nt hear, please continue enjoying the benefits of your mouth.

  5. Calvin Funalo

    Every thing is meaningless here under the sun

  6. Hems

    A slow gun of boma ni boma will make us sheee

  7. Benson Phiri

    May God almighty giver of strength strengthen you Mr President

  8. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    President Lungu also should be arrested as well.why was his professional documents confiscated by the MMD government

  9. J

    Everything turn,time to wine time to lose,time to rough time to cry.

  10. kkkebby

    the government of pf is not fair ,,for minister of health ,what he did ,,the story just disppeard ,,like air

    • Jackson Phiri

      Zambians, please it’s not pf, ck misfired and it’s very bad for his future as a vice president or overall to do such a thing. Which clearly shows that he was even studying criminology.

  11. Hon. Musonda

    Only fools can forget that CK has always spoken for the ZAMBIANS. And it’s his right to appeal, a normal person should not have a problem about his appeal. LESA FYE EKA! CK deserves fair trial 🙌

  12. Makungu

    Lesa Twafweni🙏🙏

  13. Ba zungu

    We know that simusamba was corrupted that is why he is felling to release ck

  14. True Man

    CK you helped him to win elections today he as turn against you. Feel it because you are the reason why many Zambians are suffering today. You both engineer to manipulate elections. Remember what you did to Post Newspaper. They are many who will go through what you are going through.

  15. Moze

    Fine, CK could’ve committed a crime and the has taken its course. When we change the Party in power in next year’s election, whoever will be the President please the first task will be to order the ACC to investigate all the Mwankoles serving in GRZ today and confiscate all properties acquired from stolen money. Those who will run away to other countries, please use the Paul Kagami formula, it’s very effective. The new Leadership in Angola is another good example to follow if Africa is to get rid of corruption. Let CK suffer cos he threatened our Guy Scott for the sake of putting ECL in power so he is reaping what he sow.” LAW OF KARMA “.

    • Mubanga

      And I was frustrated about that incident of the former VP of SATA ‘s cabinet

  16. Mubanga

    Law is law but liberty is for everyone same as justice. Ck was careless about his thoughts of forging and he knows the consequences of it all. Bail we be granted but he needs to worry of standing as the president of ZAMBIA with such nasty record

  17. Brendah

    Prison is not for poor pipo alone. It’s for all the law breakers. In this case ck dd break the law n he’s paying for it.Open yo eyes Zambians pls,think before u atter any word. This is not political at all, bt criminal case. He’s paying for wht he did. The govt has nothing to do with this. In other ways ts ck’s babe n no one else’s.

  18. chiko

    Law ni Law moze ubupuba uleke,they will start with u 4 supportng a criminal like kambwili.Do u want yo child 2 b raped 4 u to understand that the court is workng? As far as am concernd u are poor in your head,financially all bcoz of kambwilis’wrong practices which z making him very rich nd u very poor in the end u put the blame on gvt shame on u coz u dnt know how much he has been earning just 4 that forgery.

  19. Evangelist Cephas Bogolo Peter

    Corruption and the fear of loosing the coming elections, have prompted the PF government to arrest CK. Assuredly, i say, PF is a corrupt government, in the sense that when its members have wronged they don’t promote the rule of law but to the oppositions, they do promote. You people these are not characteristics of good governance but the bad one.

  20. William kapelembi

    Navy give up Mr ck

  21. Felix

    CK is innocent that,s only political, why not follow his son,is the one in question and what were they waiting for since 2013?

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