Lusaka ~ Thur, 22 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Lusaka Principal Resident Magistrate David Simusamba has refused to hear NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili’s application for bail pending appeal of his sentence.

When the matter came up this morning, magistrate Simusamba refused to entertain the application lodged by Mr Kambwili’s lawyers saying it was irregular.

The magistrate has said the application will only be heard once the procedure for filing a notice of appeal and bail are fully complied with by Mr Kambwili’s defence counsel.

This means the former chief government spokesperson remains in jail until a new application for bail is made by his lawyers, Mwenye and Mwitwa Advocates.


  1. Kabaso

    It’s now clear that magistrate Simusamba is being personal. Honestly looking at the Calibre of CK’s lawyers one would question the reason given by Simusamba. We are talking about seasoned and accomplished lawyers to the level of state counsel…

    • Patriot

      Looks like the client is the one giving lay advice to State counsels instead of seasoned and accomplished lawyers giving advice to their client.. since when did the law start working backwards?

    • Sibweni

      … Simusamba is also a seasoned & accomplished magistrate.. !!

  2. DANK

    @ Kabaso, the same seasoned lawyers are the ones who have let CK down. They prepared an appeal even before the Magistrate Simusamba had even made a ruling. So, what is happening is that Simusamba is teaching a lesson to Kambwili’s Lawyers. But as they say, when two elephants are fighting, its the grass that suffers. In this case, the grass is CK

    • Patriot

      You’re very correct.. how can seasoned lawyers apply for bail before judgement is passed..it simply means the lawyers knew how guilty their client is and they knew the only way their client is going is jail. These same lawyers should know better that there’s no short cut with the way justice works

    • Musanivute

      LAZ should and must study the caliber and integrity of it’s lawyers namely Musenge and former LAZ Chief Mwitwa. Honestly, how do you apply for bail pending appeal before the Court Verdict is passed. It’s obvious and transparent admittance of the Offense. LAZ why can’t the two Lawyers fall victim of the felony by breaching their ethics whilst on duty?

  3. Tikambepo

    Kambwili didn’t listen to the cries of the people when he was in government……Kambwili started the tribalism campaigns that the Zambian people are debating today…..Kambwili started the crossing up of media houses e.g. the post news paper and he started the crossing up of PRIME TV by misusing state machinery …….He created many enemies than friends with his pomposity,so let him enjoy the injustice behavior he enjoyed when he was being called honorable.

  4. Koswe

    Law is law it belongs to all when he corrupt the law will take its own course the law has taken its own course. Let his lawyers eat his money the law has its own teeth to bite idiots

  5. William

    This bally will end up being broke, if he continues appealing

  6. Old Mzee

    CK should stop giving bad instructions to his Lawyers.Mind you Lawyers are businessmen who work for cash.How many times have the so called lawyers abandoned CK.
    Let CK for once reason.It is irregular for lawyers to apply for bail before judgement.That is an insult to the law profession.

  7. Brian

    Am Following What Is Happening In
    Our Country.

  8. Chendabusiku

    From the outset Kambwili made it abundantly clear that he was all out to waste the courts time. How many times did he(Kambwili) faint? And a few times of no show. He wanted to hoodwink the magistrate over bribe allegations with the hope that someone else will arrive at a different conclusion but mainly to waste the courts time. His family can be emotional just like anyone else but we do not slap law enforcement officers.

  9. Next King

    Anybody who believes lawyers will do everything necessary before court pays a heavy price. Yes they have the knowledge but many are damn right disorganised and at time highly compromised. Do sit back but do your own research on your natter. Consult and check procedures otherwise you will be sorry and be bankrupted!

  10. Jessey Lingard

    Let the laws of Zambia work on him

  11. che guevera

    uyo mupondo ankara pa nsimbi yo kupya.U reap what u sow,simple!!

  12. Daniel Banda

    I have repeatedly state our education doesn’t seem to produce the right people because it has produced crooks and manipulators of everything that is supposed to help us live together as peaceful as a secular society. As a lay person I find the manipulative behaviour by the so called learned people in this case disturbing. How can lawyers resort to arm twist a judge by flouting procedural rules? Or is it that the judge who is failing to interpret the law? Listening to parliamentary debates on the estimates of expenditure on the 2021 budget and hearing the UPND members of parliament lamenting about “a certain judge” who is the only one allocated cases that involve opposition party members, leaves me with worries about how politics have poisoned the system that is supposed to solve misunderstandings among us but is being used deliberately to dismantle the unity of purpose

  13. Justice

    I think it’s this not Zambia we learnt in primary school

  14. Dyongoman

    The wages of sin is death,,no bought,, people who imitate another people should be judged to his/her did,

  15. Old Mzee

    If the facts in this case as stated by Magistrate Simusamba are correct,CKs lawyers should be disciplined by the Law Assotiation of Zambia because they have brought shame and soiled the name of LAZ.Unless Laz is not serious with such issues they they should cease to exist.
    If lay men can see an irregularity LAZ cant see it then they not worth their salt

    • Musanivute

      It’s what is expected from LAZ. Discipline your lawyers. They have just demonstrated an immature approach that is Acaic, barbaric, intoxicating and redundant in the professionalism of Lawyers. They must learn to study the case with their Politeness, obedience, Leniency, courtesy, intelligence at no all emergency times. Should not rush for Cash from your Clients.

  16. Kenneth mumba

    M kambwili those lawyers are just milking you. Just save that sentence.one year is short period just humble you self

  17. Pharaoh

    My thoughts have already been carried by others.

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