Notorious ‘Jay Jay’ Committed To High Court For Aggravated Assault On Police Officers

Lusaka ~ Thur, 22 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Notorious suspended Patriotic Front (PF) Eastern Province youth chairperson Emmanuel ‘Jay Jay’ Banda and four others yesterday appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on the same charge of aggravated assault and have been committed to the Lusaka High Court for trial.

35-year-old Jay Jay of Petauke, John Lungu, 25, of Garden House, Maxwell Pito, 20, of Lusaka West, Morris Silyonde, 27, of Kanyama and Lyford Phiri, 21, of Lusaka West are charged with one count of aggravated assault with intent to steal.

The case was earlier discontinued via a nolle prosequi but were immediately rearrested on the same charge of assaulting a police officer Allan Mbahwe when they invaded Lusaka Central Police Station.

Following their re-arrest on October 12, 2020, Jay Jay and others on Wednesday appeared before Chief resident magistrate, Lameck Mwale who allocated the case to magistrate Nthandose Chabala where the charge was explained and later committed them to the High Court to appear at the next criminal session.


  1. Tikambepo

    There is no case for Jay Jay he is innocent…..Jay Jay is PF and as such NO law can be applied against him coz even ECL can not allow that to happen…….who says our PF cadres can be arrested for just beating up a ka police??????
    We are in charge of all the institutions,we can do whatever our party deems necessary but the opposition must never do what we do cost us we are above the law.

  2. Tikambepo

    Chris and Jay Jay they are brothers now its very surprising to hear Chris calling Jay Jay at notorious is it because you want pretend to the Zambian people that you are not involved in what your foolish wako ni wako did to fool us???????

  3. Razor

    As in the other case nothing will happen to him. They will purposely make such a weak case that the judge will have no choice but to aquit him.

  4. The Voice of Reason

    @Tikambepo you are a tribal bigot. Comment on the issue. By the way wako no wako is not tribalism. Tribalism not seeing any good in someone simply because he is not your tribe. roads are built right to your doorstep and all you can say is “are we going to eat roads ” simply because it’s not HH who has done it. That now is tribalism

  5. Pharaoh

    Assaulting a Police offer does not require a lot interns of acquiring evidence. Its just a medical report form signed by a competent doctor followed by witnesses who shall identify the suspect(s) inflicting an injury on the victim.If its a bad after perusal,it can’t reach that far.Am anticipating a conviction in this case.

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