Chinsali~Fri,23 Oct 2020

Police in Chinsali have formally arrested and charged Sesheke UPND member of Parliament Romeo Kangombe with two counts of abduction and assault.

Mr Kangombe in the first charge faces two counts of abducting Sergeant Innocent Mwale and Constable Chinyama Chipango of Mununga police post on October 14th,2020 contrary to section 253 and 255 of the penal code Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

The lawmaker is in the second charge facing two counts of assault of the two police officers contrary to section 250(b) of the penal code.

Kangombe has however been denied bond as the police have sent the docket to National Prosecution Authority.

And UPND lawyer Conelius Mweetwa has confirmed the arrest of Kangombe.

Mr Mweetwa has also dismissed rumours that Mr Kangombe had collapsed.


  1. Anthobalacho

    Come 2021

  2. Razor

    Just victimizing him because he is an outspoken member of upnd giving them hell so they want to silence him. Unfortunately this case will be another waste of tax payers money.

    • Sibweni

      .. “another waste of tax payers’ money”??..stop defending him, they are saying that he was in the vehicle that abducted the two police officers & others, if he truly did this, then the law shud take its course..!!

  3. Old Mzee

    Too bad.Abuducting,assaluting the police and disarming them are very serious offences.Can someone twll us if the firearms were recovered.
    Kang’ombe should be strong.

  4. UMMM


  5. Love your neighbor

    These are some of the charges Jay Jay Banda was supposed to be slapped without wasting time. But look at how long it has taken, instead he was charged with unlawful assembly. Katwishi mayo fili uko tuya, Lesa ewishibe fyonse ine ndimuntu fye ulya ubwali, amani na rice.

  6. Ec

    You’re now working, lovely.the stipudity of upnd is getting out of hand,but they will never succeed.

  7. ziziou

    we know the UPND who they are no wanderthey are losing by election.and they want to pet pf to be a violet party when its not.now they are even abducting police officers ,shem

  8. Gina

    Abducting police. Apa peve mwa i taya ba upnd. You are dangerous, if you can do that to a law enforcement who was armed with an AK-47 rifle, what would you do to an ordinary citizen. I shudder to think.

    • Mfumukadzi

      I agree with you Gina. UPND is not only digging its own grave but is now quickly burying itself.

  9. Old Mzee

    Kang’ombe should be prepared to go in between 7 and 10 years.He should prepare himself for this.
    Read relevant sections in the Penal code Cap 87.
    It will also cost him a lot of money to hire, transport, accommodate, entertain lawyers, from Lusaka to Chinsali.
    Besides spending money visiting and campaigning in Sesheke.
    Muchaha umwa butata.

  10. Nshilinama

    Surely. Kangombe from sesheke to muchinga province to make trouble?what does mean to you?a foolish person the law must catch up with you

  11. Ngoma Yamaano

    Only dunderheads can believe that Kangombe abducted and assaulted police. Suddenly we have some commentators castigating Kangombe and UPND? Where were these so called law abiding citizens when PF thugs attacked HH’s convoy in front of the police. You are now calling for civil disobedience in the country. Leave Kangombe. He is an innocent citizen.

    • Daniel Banda

      Man or woman which ever may apply, you are dull or you are spoiled. Why is it that it’s Kang’ombe not you who the police have picked? Calling for civil obedience? My leg! Western and Southern provinces are bordered by the Zambezi River with Namibian and Zimbabwean soldiers patrolling on their sides ready to shoot you if you will try to run away from the violence you are provoking. I believe our police are on track to nip ugly head of UPND’s violence in the bud. Especially if they are doing a tit for tat approach they need to change or be stopped including going into government with that mentality. UPND leadership has got it wrong at the time people are looking for peace, the UPND are getting involved in aggravating the violence they have accused the PF for at the time we are looking for people who can maintain the peace that fosters unity, prosperity and development not people who will come and escalate division and interference into our country’s affairs by foreigners in order to stay in government. Shall we say the UPND are failing to manage democracy before they even get into government? I think most of the Zambians are intelligent enough to follow the politics that have come into play with the UPND and should be able to chat Zambia’s destiny on 12 August, 2021.

    • Sibweni

      .. you may claim that he is innocent coz you are UPND, but were you there in Mpika?? ..it is claimed that he was in the vehicle that abducted the two police officers & three other civilians, if this is true then he is finished…!! coz they will testify against him..!.plse let the law take its course.. kwasila…!!

  12. nshilimubemba

    But Kangombe is a well informed person who must be aware of what he is doing, you can not play with the same law you make and go un punished, he knows what is coming on him no one wins against the law.

  13. Old Mzee

    We don’t support violence by anyone PF included. Two wrongs cannot make a right. There are no dunderheads here Mr Ngoma yamano. Facts are there even UPND agree that they abuducted the two officers and dropped them far away from their station.Even on MVTV it was there this morning so who is lying here.Lets us learn to control our emotions and deal with facts.Learn from CK and family who are civil and apologize when they are wrong.That is Leadership
    Kangombe ukeni mwa sinjamba.Mangoma akulishekela
    My brother Kang’ombe is in serious trouble

  14. Pharaoh

    I think,OLD MZEE has spoken nicely.We condemned such type of violence to any political party..Coming to the point,if at all there’s enough evidence pertaining to the prevailing allegation, let the law take it’d course without fear or favour. They must be sanity in our nation.

  15. Ngoma Yamaano

    Old Mzee, so suddenly you now want to trust what you say you saw on MVTV? Can you tell me what police have done to those thugs who attacked HH’s convoy which is also on clear footage? So you are selective on what facts to take? This is why I call some people as dunderheads!!

  16. Old Mzee

    At the expence of repeating myself I said I don’t support crimimals both from opposition or Rulling Party.If there are people who attacked HH and they are known or can be identified they should be rounded up and let the law take it’s course.We don’t want criminals to destroy our country.
    Law is blind.Brother Ngoma yamano if you have a clear footage please help the police arrest the hoodlams.Suppose HH wins next year are we saying we should use selective judgements.Please let us be fair to each other when we make comments

  17. Truth man

    Very bad case for the MP really. This is a case which carries a maximum sentence of 10years, if convicted for assault on police it is 5years, a total of 15years in jail.People must really respect the laws of the land or May be it is due to ignorance!I fail to understand how an MP can get into this kind of situation really!

  18. Man lwe

    You are comdeming opposition party but you forget Pf cards bit police officers but are not arrested

  19. Ngoma Yamaano

    Old Mzee, it is not a matter of just saying you dont support criminals both from opposition or Ruling Party when there is abundant evidence that Cadres from the ruling PF party are not treated by police and law enforcement institutions in the same way they treat suspected opposition offenders. The PF cadres blocked a public road HH and his convoy were using in the presence of police in uniforms. Why didnt police first deal with these PF cadres? I am sure you know the comments made are fair. What is not fair is the way police applies the enforcement of so called laws as Man Lwe has observed.

  20. Elias chiyaze

    Those are just useless politics, as mp did he not use his vihicle for him to be on unknown car? And the police officers they were droped where after being abouducted? Kangombe has eye witness which are not at police station this time, when it will be in the court it will be water and useless case, meaning pf loosing name very day and at the same time it is showing that people from one province should not go to another province then you are found wanted on political grounds” how do you live in a country like that? Pf must be removed away no democracy and international community must come in and no way they must be founding zambia with dectetership type of gvt, that means they be funding criminal actions and yet increasing slaver ship to zambians.

  21. mumba

    Remember what happened when HH was charged with treason when he blocked the president motorcade the behavior Of UPND members con not make good government. Mp of psrliament allowing his thugs to do that in his vehicle very retrogresive make he should also join kambwili in prison .that kang’ombe infact even HH is supposed to picked. Tayali must come on board of this one

  22. Ngoma Yamaano

    Ba Mumba, if indeed blocking a public road is treason in Zambia, why dont you pursue the people who blocked a public road to attack HH and his convoy?

    • Cozcowjr

      Ngoma ya
      I believe blocking a presidential motorcade can only happen in Zambia and not a single drop of blood is she’d.

  23. Cozcowjr

    Looks like he is going in for a very long time. Why would a normal person do that just to impress a fellow human being HH. Am starting to believe that some of these clubs are cults led by some under world gods. Who would do that in broad daylight, unless you have been turned into a zombie.

  24. Ngoma Yamaano

    Cozcowjr I think you you forget so easily. Dont you remember that HH was in prison for 127 days on an alleged case of treason allegedly for blocking a presidential motorcade? My question to you is why havent police arrested the people who blocked a public road in order to attack HH and his convoy while police in uniform were watching? Any decent citizen faced with this behaviour of police would never trust any police manning public roads!!

  25. niso Kodibba

    Kang’ombe is innocent he was just fighting for fairness , equal treatment and protection from the police as a Zambian citizen. Coz even a deaf person can tell and ask just by looking upnd members are being victimized and police are watching,are they Zambian police or PF policemen. PF top leaders allow the police to excute their duties freely when on duty.their duty is to maintain law and order in the nation fairly not sidelining who to protect and who to punish .u are making their job difficult..and this is cozing problems. Policemen please u are well trained and hard working when u are over manipulated by political leaders try to find a way to balance up your role is to protect all the Zambian citizens.

  26. JMS

    I don’t support either the MP or the police officer. But to assure you all is that, who must respect the other between an MP and a police officer? I think those rewritting people are doing isn’t doing them some fevour instead are becoming more dull. An MP who can assign a police officer on duty, people are worsting their minds on useless things. Yaba mulikikopo kwena, please I don’t need to rebuke you because in the end you may say issulting. Nadabwa.

  27. Lens

    Were these officers unarmed? If to the oontrary, the are a danger to themselves and need to be relieved of their duties.

  28. Cosmas Moonga

    Stop compairing prevalages of a republican President with those of a party president. Even in a village set up chiefs do enjoy certain privalages which their subjects do not have. HH I think you are a Republican president in waiting but my fear is that you may collapse and die during swearing in ceremony because of excitement. Mwalwisha sana badala 22 years yo kosenipo

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