Lusaka ~ Fri, 23 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Vice President Inonge Wina has said citizens should not abuse their rights by disrespecting the police.

Speaking in parliament today during the Vice-President’s question for oral answer session, Mrs Wina said disrespect for state institutions and officers is what is encouraging some of the reactions from police.

This was in response to Chinsali PF MP Kalalwe Mukosa who asked for a word of advice to citizens so that they should not be abrogating the law.

Mr Mukosa said some of the citizens have been going to an extent of slapping police officers.

“It is very important for the Zambian citizens to know that they have rights under the Zambian Constitution but those rights should not be abused by disrespecting other institutions in the country including the police and other law enforcement agencies,” Mrs Wina said in response.




  2. Kelvin phiri

    I agree with what the Republican vice president has said. Zambians must know that no one has a right of doing wrong! Whether angry or not there is a best way of solving grievances mainly it’s through dialogue. No one is above the law.
    One the other hand, the police should also know how to answer citizens because they are humans and have emotions. Police sometimes act like mad dog.

  3. Paul

    Mr mukosa it’s just the wife to kambwili that slapped the police which other citizens please learn to tell the truth.

  4. Mo

    Stupid useless old woman

    • Pharaoh

      Mr MOO ,I think you are out of your mind according to your sentiment. Personally you may simply disagree in a polite manner other than responding in a certain manner.

  5. Old Mzee

    The Vice President is right.I agree with the first three comments but totally disagree with Mo (4th Comment).
    Mrs Wina is a very responsible VP and a mother,she rarely get annoyed even under severe provocation.
    Surely Mo you are the one who is very stupid and useless,iam sure you were badly brought if not abandoned by your mother.I don’t think you know your mother or father.Shame upon you

  6. niso Kodibba

    The question that should be answered is, why citizens have lost trust, confidence,respect & fear in police service? One factor is candres having more powers than the policemen this lowers the dignity of policemen and pushes citizens to take law in there hands..government should adress this problem.especially cadres from the ruling part should lead by example in showing respect to the policemen. Finally police should respect citizens Also then the country will be in peace.

    • Pharaoh

      Whether confidence or not, does it tantermount slapping a policer on duty?.Mind you,the Police are caring for us.Intact the officers deserve to be respected and I feel they deserve being congratulated for their Torrance humidity and observance . Police officers are well equipped at any event crime is to be or about to be committed. I personally thank the loyalty displayed by the state police Only a fool can support such to the extent of abducting a uniformed police officer(s)!.

  7. jjj

    What about the cadres to the citizens of Zambia who destroys our rights in your. ………g……mmmmmm

  8. ziziou

    MO;you are very stupid with your entire family,if you can insult old women whom are you going to respect,if is not for women who brought you to this world .when you are commenting mend the way you are commenting always stick to the topic,then insulting people who are older than you.and what do you get in insulting people?nothing .the vice president you are insulting she is a leader the mother and a
    grandmothe.therefore learn to respect elderly people.

  9. Banja

    MO…your disrespect for the VP is nauseating!

  10. Kj

    Mo, you are an idiot, I blame your head for carrying your fucking brain,mbuzi)

  11. Asoza

    I hate it when the police is disrespected even by P F cadres and then see them go scot free in our courts!

  12. Concerned Zambian

    Even the police should not abuse other people’s rights why should a police man grab a camera from a reporter don’t push people too much other wise we are close to the edge this country belongs to every Zambian

    • Pharaoh

      Iwe so called CONCERNED CITIZEN try to buy a penal code if the laws of Zambia and learn something from it. Don’t just yap things the way your rotten brains takes you to.You must first ask yourself a question ad to why the situation occurred. Grabbing a camera is not an issue .There’s no way any body can condemn the vice president speech. I imagine being slapped instead of a Police officer slapping and again it would have been another issue

  13. Bunda mafia

    That’s why she needs to retire , the is a lot of insults in politics , wat type of money does she want to have , the husband was an old politicians in UNiP, ANC etc, the have eaten everything on earth wat else, she will come and die in jail ,

  14. Paul

    Am with you on that one Mrs vice president. Officers of the law must be redperesp. I equally would not allow that in my government.

  15. Paul

    We understand how emotional we humans can be, but never should you dare slap an officer of the law

  16. Paul

    And officers it’s not allowed getting cameras from the media folks. Totally un exeptable

  17. TK

    PF created disrespect for ZP by appointing the Chair for PF Youths as Home Affairs Minister. ECL truly introduced anarchy with this appointment. The Police feared cadres who openly told them; “your boss is our boss”.!
    The police feared to lose their jobs & ever since, they hv supported and protected all the wrong doing by PF cadres. Time is coming soon with military equipment or not, for the PF to account to the Zambian people!! The continued harassment of UPND and the opposition will make the end of PF very hard and extremely rough.

  18. JMS

    It takes a useless person some few rminute to say rubish than hours for a wise person, the vice President isn’t wrong but the wrong person is mr mukosa who introduced a very usless question for that matter in a respectable house where big reproductive situations are solved. Please stop pointing figures to each other, respectable people also must be careful when answering these questions otherwise a right person will be blamed for the wrong question answered. Mo is okay, he is rebuking due to answering a wrong question.

  19. JMS

    Surely, how can someone do wrong things due to some incouragement which he wants to retariet or just to have a revange, please people you should be reasoning sometimes, bamayo nabalufyanya chapwa, a wrong person must be rebuked naimwe. Who is she to answer a useless question and be left alone, no. Respectable people should answer questions knowing are being heard by everybody.

  20. JMS

    I’m sure everyone should learn a very and understandable lesson here, listen to what occurred. Due to maintaining the wrongness of a person you regard as Very innocent and respectable person you believe and love very much may let you be regarded wrong as same as you are due to the support you have or made, ie Adam was regarded wrong due of his support to Eve, so please reason first before you support any situation otherwise man will regard it correctly done but above its another story to face, blessings be to you all.😄😄😄😄😄 Be happy always

  21. Frenji

    I have agreed with Mrs vice president, infact nothing there doing in the country.

  22. Kenneth

    What the vice president said isn’t wrong , she is very right i could talk of what happened if i recall . During kabwili bail application. I was surprised towards What some men and ladies were shouting at police officers imagine prominant respected people aspiring the position of presidency calling policemen who will be his police officers if God will allow him to be a republican president .abusing them having carrying the job assigned to carry. For Example HH calling themPF olive carders in police uniform in public only HH police relative will give him a vote in 2021 . why should we policemen giVe him a vote since we are of carders . we thank you baby HH for calling us that name. We protect everyone but you have continued abusing us .

  23. Jmo

    Its shameless to keep on supporting what is wrong, I know you are human and easily tempted but your parents if they sin even if you protect them thafs your own fault, you can’t be blamed to go on sinning together. Nomatter how you protect a sinner it won’t change anything in God’s eyes unless in human eyes. People are early mislead especially hypocrites.

  24. JMS

    To all police officers remember a human can pass judgement aslong as that judgement is truly of above nomatter small that police officers’s rank is, this man is just methioning opposition offenders living offenders for the ruling party which shows true minds of some individuals, I being a reasonable citizen can even abolish a marriage seeing how the situation is, but nomatter how you stand thinking you are firm mind your wages will be recognised through what you say or touch.

  25. Tom

    KJ your father is a fucking mbuzi

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