Govt Commended For Finding Investor For Stripped Kalengwa Mine

Lusaka ~ Fri, 23 Oct 2020

By ZR Reporter

Chief Kizela of the Kaonde people of Mufumbwe district in North-Western province has commended government for taking an investor to run Kalengwa mine.

Speaking during a briefing on Thursday, the traditional leader says he is hopeful that the investment will create job opportunities for the locals in the mining area.

He added that the investment will contribute positively to the economic development of the country at large.

Chief Kizela has made an assurance that he will work with the government of the day for the development of his chiefdom.

He said this through his representative Patrick Hahuntangu.

And on Wednesday, the traditional leader revealed that his chiefdom has been facing unending disputes over natural resources amongst subjects.

Chief Kizela said the unending disputes denied the locals development.



  1. nshilimubemba

    This mining doesn’t benefit Zambians, Africans must rise to the occasion and start value addition before all minerals are finished by those thieving investors as you call them.
    Industrialisation creates more jobs than just mining raw materials, stop it it doesn’t improve the Zambian living standards and we are always at a loss to say the list.

    • Emmanuel kapompa

      Please government help us, we have safared a lot but we have a mine in how area.please give back paper to the investor we want in our community,we want Mexico people not kpz.please

  2. Old Mzee

    Kudos to Govt and Chief Chizera.I hope that Mfumbwe and Kasempa will greatly benefit during this investment.
    I just hope that there will be no chiefdom disputes

  3. Emmanuel Kapompa

    Too much corruption in our country that’s why we are suffering like this.please we have asked the government to help us to release the license to the owner(moxico we want)not KPZ. WE DON’T WANT ILLIGOL ACTIVITIES IN HOW MINE,WE NEED SERIOUS IVE STOR LIKE MOXICO COMPANY.

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