Zambian Killed in Tanzania over Robbery Allegations

A-28-year old Zambian has been beaten to death by an angry Tanzanian mob after he was suspected to be part of a notorious gang.

The Zambian identified as Luckson Simpemba has been killed on account of being linked to the notorious Manguluweni gang that has been terrorising people at Tunduma border for some years.

Simpemba was caught up in the aftermath of the gang’s alleged attack on a Zambian businessman who was robbed of US $ 3,000.

Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase has confirmed the development saying that the gang had stripped naked the Zambian businessman before going away with his money.

He said the deceased was apprehended by an angry mob and beat him to death while the other gang members escaped with the money.


  1. Timmy

    If he was part of the gang thats what is called wages of sin.

  2. Chi

    May His Soul Rest In Dollars.

  3. GM

    It’s sad being killed in foreign country anyway that what he choose

  4. Papa tango

    People should just stop thinking negative. You reap what you sow

  5. State House

    So sad 😢 to hear…….we don’t judge people for their sins. We only leave it to the one who have authority to judge. My condolences to the deaseced family.

  6. ziziou

    What is always annoying me is to see how the zambian people are been killed ruthlessly in the hands of these foreign countries when they go there but us we are not killing them here in Zambia,their feel and selling their mechetderse.why is it so?and always no panishement is taken to motorists

    • Pharaoh

      Its okey why committing crimes in a foreign country knowing the consequences.

  7. Luapula

    I like don’t to see my fellow Zambians to die like that,

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