Support KoPa-Urges Kamanga

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has challenged Super League teams to consider being kitted in KoPa as it had the capacity to match foreign brands in quality and value.

And Zesco Limited senior Corporate Affairs Manager Dr John Kunda hailed Atlas Mara for extending its sponsorship to football during the Covid-19 crisis.

Meanwhile Atlas Mara Chief Executive Officer James Koni said football had the power to change lives.

During the signing ceremony for K2 million shirt sponsorship deal for Zesco United at Protea Hotel on Friday night, Kamanga said KoPa could only grow if it is fully supported by Zambian clubs.

He said that KoPa was available to sports disciplines outside football.

“When we were having challenges with kit sponsorship, we decided to take up a commercial deal. We came up with our own brand called KoPa. The KoPa brand is not for the national team, it is brand which is available to all sports teams even outside football,” Kamanga said.

“I hope that in due course, with time Zesco United will be putting on the KoPa brand, because it is just a brand like any other. I wish to appeal to all the teams that KoPa is available, what is key is for you to decide on the design and quality that you are looking for.”

He added: “What is important for us is that the challenges we face economically are real and those who are stepping up to continue supporting football need to be commended.”

Kamanga said the KoPa brand initiative was one of the ways of finding means of surviving in a tight economic environment.

“It is incumbent upon all of us in the football family to start looking for innovative ways of survival to ensure that we are still there in the near future,” he said.

“We should not look at international brands, I think what is key is that as long as we are able to get the same quality and value for money the difference will always be psychological. So my appeal is that let us support each other, let us support our brand, if the Super League teams start buying KoPa I think it will take away the pressure that FAZ has to rely on government.”

Kamanga said growing the KoPa brand will help FAZ wean itself off from government dependency.

“Government has a lot of competing needs. We are even fortunate that government continues to support the Zambia National Team. This is why we have taken a position as FAZ that if we are going to survive we need to find alternative ways of supporting football,” he said.

“For FAZ we are going ahead to raise more through the Chipolopolo bond which is going to give us more opportunities to manage football and spend and invest in infrastructure and all the elements.”

Zesco Limited heaped praise on Atlas Mara for renewing their shirt sponsorship with Zesco United.

“In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many global organizations have been forced to activate cost cutting measures in order to stay afloat. However, Atlas Mara Bank has broken ranks with convention to make this generous contribution towards the growth of Zesco United Football Club. This is a clear testament of the bank’s commitment towards uplifting football standards in the country,” Kunda said.

Zesco United unveiled its 2020/2021 kit under the banner of Umbro.

(Credit: FAZ Media)


  1. JMS

    Nomatter how you encourage a rice eater to take nshima or visevesa will be the impossibility of the eater, the thing is Keep on introducing quality things one day will be enough for you to appreciate the outcome. But comparering isn’t the solution because even maradona was, they hoped to see another maradona but instead messy appearead. So do your part people will also do according to the effort to give or put in. We appreciate the effort best given in fevour of the sport.

  2. Hervrena

    That’s a good move president kamanga.Also go for things like boots and replica jerse ys ..Importing new attie like addidas,puma and Nike are expensive for us

  3. hichilema

    What exactly KoPa does, importing and selling with a markup? If it is a venture to enrich Kamangas it will meet the fate as has parastatals. Leave business in private sector hands. Competition brings the best. Abolish IDC and handover all government companies to staff. Let them run or close them. Government shall not waste resources on propping up hefty salaries and inefficiencies of good for nothing shielded bureaucrats.

  4. Rrs

    Please less talk about ZESCO I paid the bill for my house on 4th December 2019 but up now the have not connected my house

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