Government has given civil servants with political ambitions up to November 30, 2020 to resign from their positions.

This is according to a Cabinet Office Circular No 12 of 2020 signed by Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti.

Dr. Miti said it has been alleged and generally observed that a number of public officers have become actively engaged in partisan politics.

Dr. Miti said this has not only affected their performance to provide public services, but also goes against the Public Service Code of Ethics.

He said adherence to the Code of Ethics is key to public service delivery as it supports the achievement of a vision of excellence in terms of the values that public officers ought to embrace and observe at all levels, in their service to the people of Zambia.

He said public officers have a very important task of providing a service and executing Government programmes to achieve national development goals and that this calls for upholding high levels integrity and values enshrined on the Code of Ethics.

He said public officers must therefore always consider public interest in their decisions and actions as they are expected to carry out their roles and responsibilities with dedication and commitment to the public.

“In this regard, all public officers, including those serving in Foreign Missions, quasi-Government, grant aided institutions, and State Owned Enterprises, who have ambitions and intentions to participate in future elections and in the 2021 general elections, must indicate in writing and state their informed decision to resign from the public office not later than November 30, 2020,” said Dr. Miti.

“This is intended to protect the integrity and impartiality of the public service as it implements Government programmes before, during, and after the elections. Failure to adhere to this directive, appropriate actions shall be taken.”


  1. Musyani

    Yes no double tobela

  2. Kalijo

    Partisan politics in Zambia only refer to those in favour of the opposition. Let there be NO SACRED COW wen u tek action

  3. Mpwii!!! mushindo

    You are right kalijo that’s what these bafoons mean

  4. Pharaoh

    Its a well known issue and no one should doubt about it.I still have a question .It was debated last time that a civil servant may aquit from his employment and join in politics for a period of one year so that he or she would be able to sell himself as a preferred candidate. also to identify the needs of the people in the constituency. Now am wondering about the period as from.30th Nov,2020/to 28th August,2021.Does the period compromise?.

    • JohnIsaiah Bwanga

      Ba Pharaoh, you are the Civil Servant hiding the Egyptian name. The period does not compromise because you stand where you are known. 2021 General Elections will be a different ball game!

  5. Lolo

    The statement is very but some creatures have already started bending it. Don’t you think it maybe mainly those supporting the opposition who can’t deliver nicely

  6. Lolo

    The statement is very open but some creatures have already started bending it. Don’t you think it maybe mainly those supporting the opposition who can’t deliver nicely

  7. adviser

    But what does the Constitution say?

  8. Razor

    Yes those DC from chingola and others who are supposed to be civil servants but always want to rush and close down radio stations who feature the opposition must resign before that date as they have proved themselves to be cadres of the ruling party and not civil servants.

  9. Tikambepo

    If what this cadre secretary to the cabinet is talking is true he should start by firing all police cadres and especially himself.

  10. Robin Owens

    Where is SC basing his circular. That’s a line in the Bill 10. Since it’s not yet law how is he quoting that?

  11. Robin Owens

    SC, make sure PS chimbwali submits his resignation letter by 1st December 2020. He openly says he is standing in 2021, I will remind you sir.

  12. FuManchu

    Oppression, intimidation, suppression! Zambians are game changers when tolerance is stretched to the point of snapping! Bill 10 is being applied in bits!


    Does the code of ethics for civil servants exist? The only “ethical” behavior is to support PF. Chapwa!

  14. Kahale Gift

    Yesai king man, you have helped me…

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