Mpezeni Campaigns For Luangeni MP

Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province says the people of Luangeni constituency will cry if they lose the church current MP Charles Amadoda Zulu.

Chief Mpezeni said Mr Zulu has broken the record as one of the most hardworking MPs in the history of the constituency.

He said the MP has been working hard to improve the livelihoods of the people.

“Obaba, simuzamupeza MP monga uyu. Othandiza pamaliro, munzako nipamaliro. Olo seo mamfumu tapepukiwa kamba kakuti uyu MP ogwira nchito(You will not find an MP like this one, he helps during the funerals. Even our burdens regarding things that we are supposed to do have lessened because of his good works),”
Paramount Chief Mpezeni said.

He was speaking during an Independence Day Football and Netball tournament at Njengembazo ground.

And Mr Zulu said he will continue working hard to improve the lives of the people of Luangeni.He said some people should ignore those that were telling lies to tarnish his name.

Mr Zulu said he likes the people of Luangeni and urged them pray for him as he prays for them as well.
He said he lost his daughter, wife and brother recently, adding that God has a purpose for preserving his life.

“A leader is supposed to be tested and I have gone through hard times which have strengthened me. I am now stronger and determined to continue working for you,” Mr Zulu said.


  1. Chanda saviour

    Why chiefs starts engaging themselves into politics? But country!

  2. Musyani

    You ur right maybe he is smoking something.

  3. Love your neighbor

    Tule balansa, if this chief was from the region of the opposition party, you would have heard the comments from the guys here. Lesa ekafye fwebantu tulibalufyengo.

  4. Pharaoh

    But I have heard that the chiefs should support the gvt of the day in order to enhance the infrastructure development country wide.Can someone shade more light though,its not right for.chiefs to be partisan.

  5. Dickson mwanza

    am by inkosi yama nkosi^s side

  6. babiabi

    The chief was just supposed to appreciate works of the mp .not telling people who to vote for,coz his subject are free to belong to any political part and entitled to vote for a candidate of their choice. He is too partisan .be neutral MWe mfumu

  7. Razor

    The chief is just appreciating the hard work of this man as a person and MP of the area and not necessarily campaigning for him. He can equally say the same about whoever comes in next as long as that person is also hardworking like this one.


    Nkosi is wrong. He should never do that. There is no one irreplaceable in the world. Besides that, it is not the duty of an MP to help at funerals. Does the Nkhosi know what an MP’s role is? Epepa ka fwaka a Mfumu?

  9. Cosmas Moonga

    Anso behaving like Mukuni worshipping HH go ahead mwandi chiefs are also human and have feelings

  10. Mwansa Geoffrey

    Ala naimwe ba Mpezeni stick to your spiritual things and ancestors

  11. Tikambepo

    Abema chamba mambala sick chief.
    Lungu is giving him arvs.

  12. Jeff

    Politics is adate game if they talk rubbish words at u don’t don t blem any one you are both the father of ruling and opposition okay.

  13. Long time


  14. KWINDI

    This is to mad over this chief shame on u have manners don’t be a career be respected please

  15. Member of Parliament

    Is an MP supposed to help pamalilo? He should help bring development yes but when he hasnt bought food for malilo the Chief is angry?

  16. Cb


    ATI paramount

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