Police have found the body of Dr. Tasila Tembo, who has been missing since Friday.

Dr Tembo, who used to present ZNBC’s Health Programme, had been missing from Friday and her body was discovered today in Mikango Barracks.
She left home with her soldier boyfriend after a bitter quarrel and never returned until her body was discovered today.


  1. Chanda



      Ifyakuifwaila…Such a beautiful woman ukuya ku mu solja. Fwe ma bankers tatwipaya…

      • Diana

        Shame on you….MHSRIP

      • Mathias Safeli

        Stop saying something we are morning and you are busy saying stupid things go to hell

        • P.M

          @Mathias Safeli….keep on morning and soon it will be afternoon.

      • Kalalikoki

        ummmm I remember ama bankers baku bank ABC they short themselves.

      • Samuel sinkala

        Don’t say that,maybe the soldier dint even do it,but his running coz his afraid he was the last person seen with the doc.u know psychological effects in such circumstances.

      • Silly comment. Takusanikwa

        Silly comment. Takusanikwa! We don’t choose who we fall in love with when it is genuine.

  2. Chanda

    To bad

  3. Ken d

    We can’t judge wht we didn’t know so let God show the1 hw did dis mhsrip

  4. Acky mukah

    Sad news Dr Tasila

  5. Annie Musonda

    So sad rest in peace

  6. Chanda


    • Chewe Ng'ona

      The age difference between the deceased and the boy friend is ten years, the lady older than the man.
      The woman lacked discretion.

  7. Daniel changwe

    But chabipa Sana but umulumendo is the one.

  8. RMKC

    Bane i think i always comment on prostitution the impact and results are always fatal look what has happened to my sister who used to educate the nation she is gone too bad. MHSRIP

  9. Lethal Weapon

    Cage that idiot…he’s the one who killed her without a doubt….

  10. Lethal Weapon

    But don’t pardon him after a few years like you did with that murderer who took the life of Monica Phiri….a murderer should either be caged for life or hang until pronounced dead….we don’t play around in gangs.

    • Muntu

      You mean that woman who killed Monica Phiri was pardoned 😣

  11. If not

    Rest in peace doc

  12. Mwitwa

    Noooooo, this is sad development indeed, that man is so heartless. MHSRIEP

  13. Junior mafia

    What’s happening kanshi? A whole doctor dating a useless soldier! Why girls sure!

  14. niso Kodibba

    Prostitution is a dangerous game,u never know unless that soja agree that he is a killer, mayb its a second or third boyfriend who followed them and did it…..tooooo sad Dr may her soul rest in peace… Chauta kusogolo. Amen

  15. Dj Thor

    Too sad to the D.r Tasila may her soul rest in peace.
    Will truly miss you.
    The boyfriend has alot to explain???

  16. Patrick Mwale

    It’s obvious that Dr Tembo was glusomely murdered by her boyfriend.This barbaric act by the man has no place in our nation.May thunder strike him wherever he is or if found may the law take its course.It’s so sad indeed! My heart bleeds.Rest in peace Tasila!

  17. Charles mwamba

    Rip dr

  18. Tasila25

    Too bad, mhsrip. She inspired me alot to find myself where IAM now. Time I was in deep waters.

  19. Uncle Sam

    Sad news. MHSRIP

  20. Valentine mwila

    I don’t really understand why most of the young ladies and women engaging in with married men when their are single, sadly that he’ll never abandon his first wife just for the sake of you NO, A soldier boyfriend the Bible says you’ll exactly reap what you Saul.Women stay away from Loving of money is the source of EVIL endly result is death

    • Martha Bilema Mwambenu

      I’ve known Tas for so many years and she was such a beautiful intelligent dedicated doctor. My heart is very sore and my mind is wondering about her 3 daughters. She was a good woman. So people please stop your ugly comment coz some of us are really mourning. We’ve lost a sister and a friend who just happened to provably faillen in love with possibly a bad guy. RIP Tas!! She had her own money, that she was working hard for as a doctor and business woman. She wasn’t a prostitute guys. Pls stop it!!

      • Bridget

        I really grieved about her death, she had such a loving heart, and when I read such evil comments people are commenting about her it’s really heart breaking. This world is so cruel, that even when you are dead people will still speak I’ll of someone was nolonger in existence. May God help us, I really loved this woman, and I will greatly miss her, may her soul rest in peace.

  21. Un hijo del Sol

    Too bad MHSRIP

  22. Concerned zambian

    This guy almost beat and killed his first wife to death and she is a magistrate. His a serial killer trained by zambian army. Why was he let loose the first time his first wife was in coma and hospital for months. MHSRIEH and may God guide us to him and let him be arrested.

  23. Kamwengo

    But why would a 47 year old woman go out with such a young soldier? Anyway m.s.r.p koma bamakashana mupunzililepo,sure muntu mukulu going out na mufana


    I know Dr tasila for so many years May her soul rest in peace. ..its a sad story

  25. Ba Kenny

    Imwe shuwa she was not a prostute she was just wanted 2 2 be married 2the soldier but just because of shameless man thats wy she was killed..

  26. Peter Parker


  27. Ba Kenny

    Imwe shuwa she was not a prostute she was just wanted 2 be married 2the soldier but just because of shameless man thats wy she was killed..

  28. Smith miti

    Sad news my condolences to the TEMBO family May her soul rest in peace

  29. Kahale Gift

    Sacrificed by someone,& very soon…more promotions.

  30. James Berdah Mumba

    Very sad development


    This is terribly sad. Surely why? MHSRIEP

  32. Mar munashala

    What a tragedy that a lady at her prime of age of life has been senselessly brought to an end.All her much learning and skills have been abruptly cut short for what?
    Her family and Zambia has been robbed of one of its bright and enterprising daughters.
    My deep condolences to the family and the Zambian people.

  33. Daniel Banda

    Only God knows how evil a man could be. Replacing love with a gruesome murder, sure? The Bible is clear about these end times. MHRIP

  34. Mapalo

    Shame 😒

  35. Henban

    Let the murderer face the wrath of the law.
    He has embalaced us who have applied to be soldiers. May doc RIP

  36. Setrida

    So sad…. MHSRIP

  37. Eng. V.B.Mapani

    This is yet another loss to mother Zambia. Young brilliant Tasila with such a bright future. God help Zambia. May these killings stop

  38. Norvack

    Sad development

  39. Junior harry

    R I P …..what a evil man

  40. Penelope MULUSA

    Nika Ben 10, rest in peace doctor

  41. Katongo mandona

    Men let us not take advantage of the weakness of women physically and brutalize them! Shame on whoever did this let the law deal with him! Why killing a person you said I love you in the first place? Stop it men, women need to express their feeling without shutting them up! Rest in peace God will fight for you Doctor Tazila.

  42. cm

    Rest n peace. Cabipa saana.

  43. Enock

    Deeply saddened

  44. Kabwe Sunday

    Please Zambian ladies! Isukeni amano mwamone cacitika kuli ba Tasila?

  45. Francis Kiese

    Deeply saddened by this news. She was such a good lady. MHSRIP

  46. Prince of Egypt

    Such a sad story to read, such horrible act of unnecessary violence. Where there is true love age should not be an issue, but the man chose violence to try and solve their differences. I hope he hangs.

  47. michelina

    my role model and my mentor,i remember my first day in training school those words of encouragement,its indeed a blow to the nation.iam who iam today bcoz of Dr Tasi.Will greatly miss u.RIP Dr til we meet again on the other side.

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