Lusaka~Wen,28 Oct 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

Over K18 million worth contracts have been awarded to 12 local sub-contractors to undertake works along the Katoba to Chirundu through Chiawa road in Lusaka Province,the Road Development Agency-RDA has disclosed.

Speaking during a signing ceremony in Lusaka yesterday, RDA Director Communications and Corporate Affairs Masuzyo Ndhlovu announced that the first batch involved 12 sub-contractors, a move he said was meant to limit the number to enhance smooth operations at a given time on site.

Mr Ndhlovu further disclosed the Agency had signed a contract with China-Geo Engineering Corporation for the spot improvement of approximately 100 km of the Katoba to Chirundu via Chiawa road.

Meanwhile,a total of 29 sub-contractors have been nominated by the Agency to work on the Katoba to Chirundu via Chiawa road.

Mr Ndhlovu added that rhe Agency had to date registered over 1942 sub-contractors earmarked to be engaged in road construction activities across the country.

He added that 778 sub-contractors have so far been engaged under various road projects such as the Link Zambia 8000, L400, Zambia Township Roads on the Copperbelt and other construction, rehabilitation and maintenance projects.

And RDA Senior Manager Local Contractors Development Samuel Twasa said it was the Agency desire to ensure that local contractors attained financial independence and take up bigger jobs in road construction.

Lusaka Province RDA Regional Manager Chabala Pandeki emphasised that the signed contracts had been reviewed and packaged in line with RDA policy guidelines for sub-contracting.

Eng Pandeki explained that the sub-contractors would ride on the rates for the main contractor and only a management fee of 5 percent would be retained by the main contractor.

The main contractor on this project is China-Geo Engineering Corporation.

The firms awarded the contractors are Mende Construction,Siyana and Inmark-Thirty two plus,Pittscon, Zambia,Rodmean Construction,Takweza Infrastructure Services,Virgin Service and Ex-selza among others.


  1. Chilo

    Great move RDA

  2. Musyani

    This is good we want to have our own millionaires but I hope the selected companies were on merit no kick backs where solicited from them.
    Zambians are also capable of building that road not just being sub contractors.

  3. Local Cobtractor

    Great but how much have you reserved for foreign contractors???

  4. Builder

    RDA..please do not put a smoke screen in front of us with that paltry 18 million. Roads maintenance is about billions. So tell the nation what per centage that 18 million is to what you will spend giving the Chinese who oil your hands.

  5. Razor

    These guys will never see that money. Look at how many contractors are still waiting to be paid for projects completed over 5 years ago.

  6. Steven

    They should also consider finishing those togates between kapiri and mkushi

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