9 Ex-PF Officials Re-arrested After State Entered Nolle Gold Theft Case

Solwezi ~ Thur, 29 Oct 2020

By Chris Phiri
The state has entered a Nolle Prosequi in a matter where former Patriotic Front North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo and 8 others were charged with theft of gold.

However, the nine did not walk to their freedom as they were re-arrested a few minutes after their case ended in a nolle prosequi.

The nine have since been slapped with the same charge of theft involving K24.7 million worth of Gold at Kanseseli mine in Mwinilunga District.

Particulars of the offense are that the nine named as Jackson Kungo, Catherine Mukuma, Timothy Mulusa, Humprey Katoka, Kenneth Kawatu, Christopher Mutalenu, William Zulu, Majory Sikwenya and Charity Kaswenda are alleged to have had stolen Gold valued at K 24.7 million.

The nine, who are former PF officials, have since been released on police bond and will appear in court on 23rd November, 2020.


  1. Smith

    Send them to prison for seven years

  2. 2yk

    Leg be Patroitc please.

  3. HervRena

    Mining of precious metals like gold,emerald, gold etc.require close monitoring coupled with high tech security cameras. People can do anything to hide away a small piece.Government must be able to benefit from such proceeds.But we know this that of will turn these mines into milking vows like what they be done to zesco SNF zampost.

  4. Pharaoh

    24.7/million being the worth of gold, the state would have denied their police bonds unless bail owing to fact that not all shall.be able to comply with the bond conditions to be appearing at once when the court will require them .Let the law take its course regardless of who commites a crime.Selfish individuals indeed.

  5. Razor

    They will come out scot free as long as they pledge to contribute this stolen money towards the PF campaign funds.

  6. LN

    Selfishness by some few individuals is plunging many Zambians into deep poverty. Punish corrupt people and thugs heavily in all institutions.

  7. Lethal Weapon

    When did they stop being p.f officials?…they are still p.f chaps and should be caged for theft….we know that a lot of p.f chaps have been involved in the looting of the mwinilunga gold besides the few being harassed.

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