Lusaka ~ Thur, Oct 29, 2020


Police have revealed that preliminary investigations conducted have shown that Zambia Army officer Lt Nigel Mwaba who is the suspect behind the murder of Dr Tasila Tembo is notoriously violent.

Police have indicated that Dr Tasila had wanted to terminate the relationship with Lt Mwaba but that did not go well with the suspect.

Below are the full details from police:

S.M.K (Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe) received a case of ABDUCTION in which F/Carol Phiri aged 47 of hse 16 Avondale reported to the Police on 24/10/20 at around 1600hrs the case of Abduction in which her friend and sister Dr. Tasila Tembo of Plot 1732 Meanwood, ibex aged 47 who works for an NGO EQUIP (Z) in Kasama is alleged to have been abducted by the boy friend Lt. Nigel Mwaba aged 33 of the same address.

The two have been cohabiting for 3 year now and about 2 weeks ago Dr. Tembo phoned the boy friend that she was ending the relationship but this didnt go well with the gentleman who later travelled to Kasama on 16.10.20 to try and reconcile with the lady and they travelled back to Lusaka on 19.10.20 where the lady was to inform her relatives about the decission to end the relationship.

However, on 23.10.20 at around 21hrs, Lt. Mwaba who had gone out arrived home and at 00:00hrs, on 24.10.20 he lied to the girlfriend that he wanted to go and pick up his car which was left at Total filling station on Ibex main street and asked the lady to escort him using her vehicle. Due to the rift that was there between the two, the lady asked her young brother Lonjezo Tembo aged 30 to accompany them.

When they reached total filling station. Lt. Mwaba asked the brother in law to go and buy some beers and bread from the shop but when he came back he found that they had left and immediately their phones were switched off and have been off since then.


  1. mumba kay

    u see had it been that u installed cameras all over zambia. u wouldnt have faild to truck this soldier…..zambia mwandi aweee!!!

  2. Smith miti

    I have never seen a soldier who have no mecry in life u.

  3. Pharaoh

    To bad indeed.That’s first degree murder Once convicted,he must be pronounced dead as well. He planed for it and he must go with it.

  4. 2yk

    The boy is heartless

  5. Uncle shay

    May she rip

  6. Stone

    Kill the idot

  7. kenny mtonga

    Very sad indeed. Justice has to be taken.

  8. muzo

    When u catch the idiot,hung its balls (testacles) so that this animal feels sweet.useless notoriuos violent bull.47 n 33 sure? Let us b care4 caz’LOVE N OBSESSION’ ARE 2 different things.

  9. muzo

    When u catch the idiot,hung its balls (testacles) so that this animal feels sweet.useless notoriuos violent bull.47 n 33 nabwaiche walimbikile abakulu sure? Let us b care4 caz’LOVE N OBSESSION’ ARE 2 different things.

  10. Forsaken

    Law enforcer, peace maintainer did such a thing. If apprehended, must end up dead as well

  11. Very heartless

    Then at the end recruitment 12 points.

  12. Nelson

    Such people must be subjected to undergo terrible pains that should be public in order for others to learn. In Zambia, money and position should not be tolerated.

  13. Reuben

    May God help us to catch such a heartless human…. He hasn’t killed the doctor only but even those that depended on her…

  14. Jeremiah

    What would’ve be running through his mind? To murder and decapitate someone you loved.

  15. kenny

    Christian nation.usles commando. Do we have peace makers?

  16. Busybee

    The early release from prison of persons convicted of these heneuos crimes is somehow contributing to the scourge. There must be lessons learnt from these episodes. Otherwise people will continue to die in cold blood.

  17. UBUFI

    I am not supporting the soldier but notoriously violent isn’t supported by the facts in this story

  18. AM

    It’s indeed a very sad development.
    I wish the relatives of the departed sister my deep condolences, may her soul rest in peace.

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