Lusaka ~ Thur, 29 Oct 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has said he was sent to prison without a crime and has demanded the immediate removal of principal resident magistrate David Simusamba who jailed him for one year on charges of forgery and uttering a false document.

Mr Kambwili was released from Kamwala Remand Prison on bail after spending almost two weeks in incarceration.

He said at a media briefing at his house this morning that magistrate Simusamba “is a danger to the judiciary” and that its image should not be dented by one man.

Mr Kambwili further claimed that magistrate Simusamba lied about his conduct during trial.

He said he had COVID-19 during trial, which almost took away his life, but the magistrate said he faked it.

Mr Kambwili also called on the police not to treat people the way they treated his wife and daughter.


  1. Vincent musonda

    Serious this country we don’t know where we

  2. Vincent musonda

    Serious this country we don’t know where we’re going

  3. Smith miti

    Just forgive them and forget what happened honorable. I’m a P.F member

  4. muntu wandi

    Ba kambwili too much toku toku close your big mouth and try to learn a lesson mu fichitwa

  5. Chisb

    CK, mind u being on bail doesnt mean u are aquited, u ar still a prisoner.

  6. Pharaoh

    Indeed he’s still on bail pending an appeal. In an incubator waiting to die or hutch out.It too early to start uttering those directives and accusation.He may end abrogating the bail conditions.

  7. Old Mzee

    C.K.my advice to you is that stop insulting the Magistrate.You are still on bail.Mind you your case is before the Courts you may end receiving a more serious sentence.
    Sure you cant stop talking.

  8. Chendabusiku

    This man says he was jailed for no crime. That statement can only come from a person who is hallucinating. The whole judiciary system in Zambia can sink that low. In Zambia we have such low level thinking souls that they blame everything on our systems for their midiocrity. Ati Dr Kambwili! this man purchased a doctorate in order to be called Dr. He has no clue what it takes to obtain a doctorate. His friend GBM kept quiet after purchasing one but Kambwili is the blind one, he wants people believe that he is a doctorate holder. If everyone who has been jailed demands the magistrate who jailed them to be removed I do not know if we would have any magistrate left by now. Kambwili just own up for your criminal activities. Only shallow minded souls will think that this is political. Even if it were why did you commit this crime. To obtain money to go to England for tea, laughable.

    • C

      i think you must be able to look into the issue deeper before blowing up on the comments, you are the one with a shallow mind to not see next year is the general election and that this IS political

      • Mufimbana

        Don’t be emotional. Think about who this boy called Kambwili really is. What his mental capacity is. Does he really have the tools to govern this great country? Don’t we have better qualified people who can be in the frame? Is being a loud mouth 👄 the only quality one should possess to be president or a thief with no heart what so ever? My dear brothers and sisters, it’s about time we were serious about addressing our backwardness. Let’s be critical and analyse each and every one of us who volunteers to take part in the governance of our country. Its sad to read so much rubbish in the “free media” from some of our nationals who know nothing but need schooling desperately in the art of governance. What do you think Kambwili or the other wayward “politicians” bring to the table? I wait to see a politician who will tell me that he’s going to set up national institutions that will stand the test of time. Like having 2 state funded political parties to rid the country of tribalism and promote democracy. My heart bleeds for mother Zambia. 56 years old still 90% ignoramus!!!! God bless my country Zambia 🇿🇲

    • Chose

      How much did CK benefit from this “forgery” or was it just an inconsequential form submitted regularly for records only on behalf of his son who was abroad??

  9. 2YK

    Much that the Family was under pressure Tolarance is Cardinal .our Mother should have respected the guys in uniform.To be slapped on duty is not only embarrassing but dining to an officer

  10. Gmz

    Hon.Kambwili,truely U Still Call Yourself 2 Be Innocent?Shame!Leave The Magistrate Alone,mind U He Wasnt There Wen U Were Comiting Thoz Crimes…Learn 2 Repent!

  11. Learn your mouth shut iwe plz

    Its so difficult for him to learn from his diabolic speeches. Mr Kambwili should try n watch his previous videos n learn from them. He just talks anyhow. Imagine

  12. Learn to shut ur mouth iwe plz

    Its so difficult for him to learn from his diabolic speeches. Mr Kambwili should try n watch his previous videos n learn from them. He just talks anyhow. Imagine


    BA KAMBWILI dont worry just thank God ,he is with you,pray pray pray and pray.

  14. Tommy

    Mr bafoon learn from the past,insulting one judge is equal to insulting all, you are on bail very soon you will be crying again after your sentence is up held or increased

  15. Rumours

    Nobody’s perfect rant your brains out. These are people who spices politics. Bwana CK I love your sence of shameless humour makes politics funny.

  16. Acky mukah

    I have now come to understand why people are saying ubukulu bwa nanikane te bwingi bwa nanikane

    • Thiata

      Ba Kambwili, you’re on bail. If any offence, your bail will be cancelled. You have a criminal record as at NOW. So be careful, reduce your volume

      • CDL

        Rails in Luanshya were being stolen in DAY out and night, no body cared. The matter has died a natural death. One Luanshya well known business man was involved,z people are quite WHY?? Where are these rails from the Mine Plant to Ndola and nobody knows. Bufi UBO!!!!!!!!

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