Luapula ~ Thur, 29 Oct 2020

Cooperatives in Kawambwa and Nchelenge Luapula Province have praised President Edgar Lungu for making then become livestock farmers.

This came to light when several Cooperatives received goats from the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Cooperative.

The cooperatives have explained President Lungu is the only one who has shown love and care for them by empowering them.

The cooperatives pledged to that will ensure that the empowerment they have received improves their living standards in their day to day lives.

The Cooperatives have since declared that they remain loyal and will continue to support President Lungu and the PF government as they have brought massive development to two districts in various forms.

Meanwhile Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative National Coordinator Evelyn Banda has urged the benefiting cooperatives to ensure that they effective grow their livestock business as expected.

She explained that President Edgar Lungu as a Custodian of the ECL MPEC expects total commitment from the Cooperatives to grow their businesses so as to enable him support them further.

District commissioners from Kawambwa and Nchelenge were both present during the hand over ceremony.


  1. Gmz

    Kateka Wa Bantu…ECL,2021 Is All Yours

  2. muntu wandi

    With the collapse of Bill 10 PF mukose mu 2021

  3. Gm

    Lungu text year you are the winner. I support you and your leadership 🎄💐🌷🌹 God bless you and your family .
    PF = winner
    Upnd =😭😂😫😥😣

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