Mazabuka ~ Fri, 30 Oct 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

Police are slowly closing in on the movements of suspected killer of Dr Dasila Tembo.

Her boyfriend, Lt Nigel Mwaba, is a key suspect in the murder.

The police has so far recovered a motor vehicle, Isuzu KB 250 a double Cab, registration number BAG 1986 which is believed to be for late Dr Tembo.

Acting Police Spokesperson Danny Mwale says the vehicle has been found parked at a named lodge in Mazabuka District of Southern Province.

Investigations in the matter continue.


  1. Frank Chombela

    Keep going Zambia Police. When you’re doing your work well, we all feel proud. Bring the savage to book if he has not committed suicide already.

    • There are no details

      Guys look for information and report to us when you have a full story

  2. Razor

    This is what you are supposed to do instead of following HH all the time.

    • Pharaoh

      Mr Razor,why do you always bring a wrong topic on any issue?. Ate you trying to incite or diverge other other peoples minds.from the actual topic ?.I think whilst at school, instead of carrying your chemistry exercise book in a particular scheduled petiod you would find your self with a adittional mathematics book. Any way I like your style though not beneficial. Its at this time that anybody is in agony concerning thei untimely death of our doctor and in the event thus to congratulate the move taken by the combined investigative wing to carb the culprit.

      • Lucky

        #Razor, can you please leave the 5X failure out of this!

  3. nshilimubemba

    You mean politicians can do anything with out the law following them !
    I don’t agree with you a crime is a crime no matter who ever commits it, therefore everyone should face the law and be punished if found wanting.
    Most of those people in politics they are there to hide the crimes they have committed especially those in opposition, they are being covered up by those morons who follow them but time will come when the common civil society will rise up and make them accountable to their misdeeds.

  4. mbwambwambwa

    Thumbs up police, we enjoy peace bcoz of you, only criminals hate you.

  5. mbwambwambwa

    It was reported as BAG 1966, that is why we have too much noles in court. Recovered is 1986 how?

  6. Danilo

    Razor is correct yes this is what they need to do, not always following HH fuck all who is razor testement

    • Nat

      razor,danilo nd whosever is backing u up are all fools.how can u even bring such a senseless topic of hh.anyway i dnt blame u,coz u ar mad cows

  7. Wilson

    Job well done Ba zip.

  8. JMS

    Shapen CID section this is their matter to solve and normal speech shouldn’t be discarded Razor is recommending how it should be. We have lost many through and without concern but unnecessary scandals are being followed without perfect points.

  9. Acbupe

    Keep it up officers

  10. Mwatiyamva

    There is too much tribalism . Why bring in HH? fOR WHAT PURPOSE? we are mourning our slain doctor and unreasonable tribalist brings in politics. Shit hole thinking of stupid zambian

  11. Shimulenga

    Justice will prevail. Work well Zambia Police.

  12. Mwanza Gabriel

    Continue working well

  13. JMS

    Insults are for less educated hypocrites.

  14. Christopher

    Respect pliz

  15. Tommy

    Some idiots take hh to be a messiah yet he is just a person like any other persons. He even has a hovering cloud over him because of crooked mind.

  16. Detective

    Leave HH alone bafikala.

  17. Tunvwika

    Sure hope yo get him soon, he has to face full wrath of the law.

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