SACCORD Okays Extension Of Phase II Of NRC Issuance, Deferred Voter Registration

By ZR Reporter

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has welcomed the extension of Phase II Issuance of NRCs and deferred start of Voters Registration saying the move will enable all eligible voters acquire the documents.

Executive Director Boniface Cheembe said the position taken by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was an indicator of their commitment to see to it that no one was disenfranchised.

Mr. Cheembe added that the move to defer start of voter registration shows that ECZ is a listening commission when it comes to accommodating changes to its admittedly difficult and challenging electoral timetable.

He has since called on citizens who are eligible to acquire an NRC to do so.

“We therefore appeal to all citizens of the Republic of Zambia who are eligible to acquire an NRC to go out and get one so that when the voters’ registration starts they can acquire a voter’s card which is key to ensuring that they participate in the 2021 general elections. Participation in the democracy and governance process of a country is one of the most important civic duty for any citizen and this begins with the acquisition of an NRC and a voter’s card,” he said.


  1. Alex walumba

    How about in some places were they operated for only a week like in kanyama and many people failed to get their NRC. Are they going to start doing the registration since they have extended? Please let us know

  2. Pharaoh

    I don’t just understand why some citizens don’t get their NRCs at an adequate period when offices are ever open. This would have reduced queues and extension by the ECZ .How ever,its a good move.

  3. Webby hayinji

    What of voter registration where do we register.

  4. Zedpeople

    Zambia should stop wasting money. All we need is to clean and update the old register. Our constitution provides for continuous voters registration. Why restrict it to a small window when we have 362 days in a year

  5. Pharaoh

    Zed People, why do you mean?.Continuous voter registration to be conducted in 365 days!.Is it the issuance of NRCs?.Where does the gvt get the monies to pay the officers all year round ?.

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