Lusaka~Sat 31st Oct 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has again been sued for allegedly acquiring a farm in Kalomo district in Southern Province illegally.

In a statement of claim, Pheluna Hatwimbo and Milton Hatembo of Kalomo through their lawyers Ferd Jere and Company, have accused Hichilema of acquiring Farm number 1924 illegally, fraudulently and without consent of the administratrix on behalf of the estate of the Siatembo.

An administratrix of the estate of the late Samson Siatembo and another have sued Hichilema Lusaka High Court over a farm in Kalomo.

Hatwimbo explained that she was appointed administratrix after the demise of George Hambwelula who was initially appointed as an administrator of the estate of Siatembo.

The plaintiffs stated that on different dates between 2000 and 2005, the beneficiaries of Siatembo, agreed to sell 190 hectares of Farm No 1924 in Kalomo to Bernard Mazuba.

The plaintiffs stated that the beneficiaries of the estate and Mazuba agreed that consideration shall be K20,000 and Mazuba paid the said sum.

But the plaintiffs stated that without their knowledge, the said farm was occupied by Hichilema between 2005 and 2010 and he immediately attempted to occupy the whole farm but there was resistance from Douglous Hatembo.

They stated that at no time did Hatwimbo enter into a any legal relationship of seller and purchaser with Hichilema and she does not know him in person either did the the beneficiaries know him.

The plaintiffs stated that Hichilema fraudulently acquired the land by purporting that he paid K110,000 and a contract of sale was executed when in fact not.

The plaintiffs want the court to order that the assignment of subdivision A of Farm number 1924 be reversed on account of fraud and misrepresentation.

They also want the court to order Hichilema to pay damages for trespassing on her land without consent or licence and that he should pay mense profit for occupying and use of land without consent at a reasonable rent and lease fees.

Early this month, a peasant farmer sued Hichilema in the Livingstone High Court, claiming that he be ordered to vacate three farms in Kalomo of which one was mortgaged to Lima Bank.


  1. Hakahaka

    Kabolala, apala wishi. Mumangeni.

  2. h2k

    Sure, from 2010 this is when you have come to realise that he has occupied your land illegally ? Where have you been all these years ? And what is your motive of taking that action?

    • Kambani

      This matter is stake. Statute of Limitations Act cannot allow a case that happened more than 6 years ago!

    • Kasenamine

      Don’t worry mdala, they will try by all means and if is chosen by God to rule Zambia they are going to fail not until he succeeds. Don’t worry mdala nga calisalwa ninshi calisalwa ninshitafye!!


        Be serious, this is not politics that one is a thief.he sold my grandparents houses in Copperbelt

      • Mfumukadzi

        Unfortunately he is not the chosen one.

  3. Lovemore

    If your land is encroached I think the Plaintiffs ought to seeck to reposess
    the land and
    not asking for rent and lease fees.
    This report has sweeten added to it in order to portray some mischiefs.
    Be truthful.

  4. Lovemore

    If their land is encroached upon, I think the Plaintiffs ought to seeck to reposess the land and not asking for rent and lease fees.
    This report has sweeten added to it in order to portray some mischiefs.
    Be truthful.

  5. 2yk


  6. niso Kodibba

    Cooked up story..since 2005 they can’t know wats happening to their land and make followups…. They are not true owners of land they must be pf cadres…keep on decompaigning HH until time catches u up……

  7. Frank talk

    HH is a good, smart thief

    • B

      Let’s wait and see where the case will end, I also wonder where this man has been all these years maybe he traveled and just returned.

      • Mfumukazi

        The time it has taken is not an issue but whether or not HH got the land legally.

  8. Chanda

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  9. Christopher mbangweta

    Shame to Amai abo , she is now broke Te, kkkkkk, mama shame on u.change yo mind pls.

  10. JMS


  11. JMS

    Minister of justice, minister of local government, minister of chiefs? Check these ministries and analys what type of leadership is being introduced including the highest culprit who is encouraging nonsense in the country.

  12. KWINDI

    This idiots they try to fix our Barry but they fail to do so shame on them .mind you bill 10 ha no more mukesha mukanaka leave him alone

  13. Maguys


  14. Zedpeople

    This strategy will not hold in the process being attempted to be stopped.

  15. Skylövër

    Am sure someone is behind these people who sued hh…and please make you have proper evidence otherwise you will lose

  16. Mulenga

    Mwe fipubamwe inshita yonse iyii mwalikwisa mulekeni kateka aletusha ,nemwe akuciteni fye ifyamungu fyenu

  17. Lungu

    Zambia forward

  18. Elias

    No one can enter in room without a knock
    Be wise don’t hear a voice of yr friends

  19. Shumba Nobert

    Surely you people since 2005 and this is 2020, where were the owners of the land? Awe only God knows.

  20. Mulenga

    Ba pf mwilaishupa nga muli mashilu

  21. Chisushi

    Imilandu walepanga yonse balekwelela nomba uyu waleta balekulonga….kikikiki tuleimbafye mukwai.

  22. Lunhu

    Kuya bebele mukwai

  23. Wentlost UPND Believer

    Fake stories I don’t take time to follow.

  24. Pharaoh

    Whether it 10 years ago the fact still remains. Is it true that the man trespassed or not? If he did,then there must be a conclusive remedy between two parties. In fact its just a civil wrong.The problem is with Kachema Musuma so called. He’s hard and no mery to understand things.

  25. serah charles

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