Court To Decide On HH’s Trespass Matter As He Pleads For Dismissal Of Case

Livingstone ~ Thur, 05 Oct 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

December 14 has been set a date for ruling in a case in which UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has asked the Livingstone court to dismiss a matter in which he has been sued by a peasant farmer for trespassing and occupying three farms.

Mr. Hichilema has asked the courts to dismiss on points of law a case in which Misheck Hambwalula sued Mr Hichilema for trespassing on his farms in Kalomo District.

Livingstone Judge-in-Charge Chilombo Maka-Phiri has since set the said date after the matter was heard in chambers.

The court will further rule on whether the case that was commenced in 2018 can follow the guidelines for 2020, such as writing a demand letter before one can sue someone.

According to the amended statement of claim, Mr. Hambwalula who has sued as a beneficiary to the estate of his late father, George Hambwalula, wants Mr. Hichilema to vacate farm number 3275, 803 and 801 situated in Kalomo.

Mr. Hambwalula claims that Mr. Hichilema is and was at all material times a trespasser and an illegal occupant of farm number 3275, 803 and part of farm 801 in Kalomo.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Ba HH

  2. Koswe

    He will grad all the lands then then sell to his cartel

  3. Lolo

    Justice delayed is just denied

  4. Lolo

    From 2018 sure

  5. True Man

    Kandile as Mwenya Musenge who PF has neglected after using him

  6. Mr Callmeh UPND Believer


    • Frank talk

      The president who has no heart for the youths, women , Christianity and person with disability to be in parliament

  7. Acbupe

    Shikulu baHakainde

  8. This is not fair now


  9. Chase

    The struggle is real!!!


    Bufi mwilamubepesha ku caalo that guy HH is our future leader

  11. BEN ONE

    Takwaba,but bambi balaputwila elo takuli Uko mubatwala.Just work hard (sweat) and have money.

  12. Justin

    Join us pa WhatsApp guys as we discuss this


  13. JMS

    Incredible, check how old mesheck is and analys what sought of a person he is after the departure of his parents.its shame as kafupi claiming without using his head and had useless follower’s who followed blindly without concidering rules may hock them, pernalizing lawyers so that proper lawyers should prevail

  14. My children

    My president our president 2021 HH

  15. One zambia one nation.

    As americans have chosen joe biden to bring unity .. We wl choose hh next year to bring sanity to ever failing economy

    • Mark 7 Baleke bana basobane CHAX4LIFE

      Pleasure free judge akakontolola Mr President HH upnd my friend Norrasakamana saana kabbudu masimpe kahi wakanga ( tonga bull) : my WhatsApp line 0763366009.

  16. Murray Mambwe

    How about those tresspassing on forest reserve land, when are they going to be visited by the law?

  17. S m

    My friend learn from nawakwi and tayali, don’t waist time.

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