Wusakile Member of Parliament Pavyuma Kalobo has said any candidate wishing to challenge him in 2021 is free to do so and will face him on election day.

Mr. Kalobo said him being the area Member of Parliament does not mean the seat belongs to him but anyone else interested to lead.

He stated that his works will speak for him in the 2021 general elections through the voters who said are well informed in making decisions.

Mr. Kalobo said he is not afraid to face anyone and has urged his constituents to listen to everyone’s campaign message.

He noted that there is Democracy in Zambia and no parliamentarian has a right to stop anyone interested to campaign in a Constituency they serve.

Mr. Kalobo wondered why some parliamentarians are panicking when they hear other candidates are interested in the same seat.

“Look we have a few months to elections, all of us who were elected have had our time to deliver and those who have performed will be re-elected, so why should I worry. Its the people who vote so if I tell someone not to stand here (Wusakile Constituency) the people will still decide and not me,” he stated.

He added that he will continue to interact with his constituents and address challenges that affect them.


  1. True Democrat

    Here is one true democrat. Am MP who is serving his people not his pocket. An MP who is transparent. Indeed your works will speak for your Sir. Some MPs are threatening contenders with death…shame

  2. JMS

    Nevermind who speaks the truth even Peter isissted of being faithful but on the actual day/time he did it three times what of someone miles away, no wittiness as faithfulness stays inside nomatter how you say it. In saying a word means being concerned now why being concerned you ate the same,be truthful in speech otherwise suspension.

  3. Tikambepo

    Kalobo is democratic than ecl who wants his fellow contenders to go and campaign in Congo or Angola when in fact they are Zambians.

  4. Peeks

    Well done faithful servant!

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