Deputy Speaker Orders Veep To Give Statement On Slow Voter Registration

Lusaka ~ Thur, 12 Nov 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

Acting chief government spokesperson Mrs Joyce Nonde Simukoko has assured that glitches in the voter registration exercise will not prolong longer than necessary.

Meanwhile, deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Ms Catherine Namugala has ordered Vice-President Mrs Inonge Wina to give a statement on the slow voter registration.

Acting government spokesperson Joyce Simukoko has said government is hopeful that the Electoral Commission of Zambia will live up to the expectations of the citizens.

Simukoko has said government is deeply concerned about the slow space at which the registration of voters is being conducted.

“Government has taken noted of the complaints by citizens indicating that it is taking too long for officers of the Electoral Commission of Zambia to register one individual, leading to people spending long hours on registration queues,” she said.

She however urged ECZ to resolve all matters that are leading to the reported delays and ensure that citizens are not disfranchised in any way.

Meanwhile, Minister of justice Given Lubinda has said government is working on the hitches that have been experienced in the voter registration exercise.

Following his tour on some of the registration centers in Lusaka today, Lubinda said people should not be discouraged as Government would do anything possible to ensure that the hitches are worked on.

And in Parliament on Wednesday, Ms Namugala said Mrs Wina must give a statement in the House by Tuesday, November 17, on the slow voter registration which all stakeholders are uncomfortable with.



    I have never seen such this so called ECZ what are they doing .other things is this police officers or they are carders? Who are working with ECZ officers ? A police man without a name on a uniform and they look like they don’t know why they are their you are not going to win in this manner poor governance go back to your senses we need good things

  2. Villager

    Slower than a snail maybe they want to postpone the elections It is worse in rural areas

  3. 2yk

    Politicians themselves should do More

  4. Joe Mask

    The time has come numbers don’t lie we shall catch the ghost voters whatever it takes.

  5. Tikambepo

    ECZ must be prepared for a mass protest on the 17 if they don’t improve on their useless,rubbish,poor workmanship being portrayed under the leadership of this stupid chap called Nshindano………I want to remind nshindano that you can’t stop the war of it started in this country,come to your senses before it is too late and for you chris pig,will you write to your president to look into this mess before fire grows.

  6. Jms

    They say politics is a dirt game but dirt the name implies to politicians doing unacceptable dids. This year’s votters registration has turn to be the worst of all,evern the cards are as simple as a tissue which can be distroyed any time especially when one makes a mistake of letting it to a child. I don’t think the vice President will have a genuine answer to the question posed to her. We will just accept her standing up but the reaction won’t realistic, just judge how a democratic and a non answers.

  7. Zedpeople

    It is PF’s strategy to disfranchise Zambians. This should be fought by all, they know their own corruption has decampaigned them. Recall the fire tenders and $42, the ambulances, toll gate structures, the presidential plane, 48 houses which built themselves, the list is endless however crowned with run away kwacha.

  8. Charles

    How can the voter pre- registration be accessed?I hear it is useful to speed up the registration process.Why are most of the usual registration centres not open?

  9. Charles

    How can the voter pre- registration app be accessed?I hear it is useful to speed up the registration process.Why are most of the usual registration centres not open?

  10. Pharaoh

    To my knowledge, its true there should be a lot of queues and you know why?,its because we are dealing with a new voters register while the old one will be discurded..Therefore it implies that country wide eligible voters should acquire this important document an like in the past where only those who didn’t have. Indeed the gvt must look.in this issue.But no need of being agitated resulting to insults. Why panicking when voting will be next year.

    • Jms

      Sometimes to be honest is as being faithful to God, now if one is claiming to be as a middle man as I can guess pharaoh is means a person doesn’t know were to belong, thats why nonaligned people, countries are but you should be careful because you can be fould accepting twice in a lone race, amongst nonaligned people or what ever, betrayers and deniers are the ones in this group., so this card Sims isn’t lasting long due to its quality. So if this card has been respected it should have been a special had document but as it is most people will be losing it. Coming to nshindano he has respected the regime which doesn’t respect people in that in what you mostly say democracy is for the people now why does they complain? In reality people complain because its visevesa. We are waiting to hear how our so called mother of the land will answer.

  11. SOS

    @ pharaoh you’re also a very big fool and as useless as the very ECZ which is a PF bandwagon…whether you like it or not we are changing the government and you will see how this dirty ecz cocoons will be dealt with.

  12. Pharaoh

    SOS, I didn’t mean to provoke to the extent of insults and more over there’s no indication of favouritism to any political party.It was just my assumption. Who ever becomes the president in 2021 ,its none of my business. After all what direct up keep am I going to benefit other than enreaching them and their families. God for bid and I beg you not to lose your temper any how.

  13. Gupta

    Mr pharaohs quite alright de election z next year boss but voters card registration exercise z ending this year and this month not next year dat z de reason we are panicking.let de ECZ do something

  14. Sober Mind

    What we are experiencing at voter registration centers is pathetic. Like here in Mukwela Kalomo district. We even feel pit for the registration officer. He works from 06:00 hrs to 23:00hrs. Imagine one person no time for lunch. You even wonder what time he bathes. ECZ is one of the most heavily funded institution. How can they fail to hire more people? Leadership at ECZ is in disorganised. You even wonder whether we are in a digital era or not.

  15. Jms

    Nowadays its mwankole type, who are you to complain. In capitalist type of governance government institutions will be lessened by reducing man power to increase on their gain. Government will spend in the name of democracy whilst pumping resources elsewhere, check what occurred the previous votting period people were just flopping in to register and off the go, now if you charge every thing don’t just charge the votters card only but also the people manning the station.

  16. Consend me

    What is happening ba government are trying to figure out what will help you? I have never seen such since the time I started voting come into your sences.

  17. Nuzibalini

    This is becoming extremely ridiculous… the government must do something fast to end the act of queues

  18. Jms

    Its unfortunate to be given a day off for registration while realizing how difficult it was with these queues plus reduced stations.

  19. Jms

    It was said when you think to be ahead just know that you will be the last or the worst. How can a normal person regard inmates in decision making process as if God doesn’t exist, nowadays embarrassments have proved to be normal in eyes of hypocrites. May God lead in all good ideas promoted ,thats why you can’t win Botswana because of too much sins or sinners.

  20. Enalo

    These are signs of being sitted on a timed bomb. Just waiting for time to come. Let 2021 come for true picture to show

  21. True Man

    This woman she’s a liar whom I’ll never forget in my she has never accept any thing wrong. She has been lying about Kwacha from K7 up today. Everything she’s always right

  22. Mwinji

    Just yanking people around and causing confusion. If you dont want non pf to vote because its well known that new voter registrations are usually not going to be for the incumbent. Better to just say. There is no practical reason in this day and age why this is such a mess. And dont blame ecz you selfish hoodlums🙄😉😭

  23. Mwinji

    Also here the way it looks is pf have no interest in anyone voting actually because for all you know ur blocking pf die-hards who were wiped off voters role but in short you donut care at all because youre planning on staying there by extrajudicial means.democracy is just an illusion truly in Africa. Anyway new forms of government emerged before and they will again be. Lol.in short no2… Pf plan will not work out😊😏

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