Chanda Orders Cancellation of Water Bills by Kafubu Water in Luanshya

Minister of Water Development Jonas Chanda has ordered Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company to immediately cancel all water bills to over 4000 houses in Mpatamato and Roan townships in Luanshya District.

The minister’s order follows complaints from the residents that they have been experiencing erratic water supply ever since pipes were installed and continue to receive bills from the water utility.

Dr. Chanda who inspected the water situation in the district accompanied by Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda said it was unfair for people to receive bills when they are not being provided with the service.

He has ordered the water utility to address the challenges people have been complaining about before starting to bill them.

Dr. Chanda who is also Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament said government will soon release three million kwacha to go towards the replacement of old sewer pipes in the area.


Meanwhile, Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda said people in both townships have been facing erratic water supply and sewer leakages for many years.

He is however hopeful that once Kafubu water and Sanitation Company moves on site, the issue of water and sewer problems will be addressed.


  1. Diaspora

    Really…smells like a popularity stunt!

  2. Razor

    All houses are metered and you only receive a bill for the amount of water used. This is just another campaign strategy since he wants to stand as MP for luanshya next year.

    • Sir b

      Are you I Zambia.
      Who showed you that all houses are metered

  3. Hon. DB

    The water bills must be cancelled as well in Mandevu constituency (Kabanana Site and Service – Lusaka) because we are not receiving water.

  4. Enàlo

    Kafue East, has equally the same problem. We receive water bills with ratic supplies.

  5. Moba

    Mwense district has the same problem, Mr minister help the people mwense by cancellation of water bills

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