IG Assures Journalists of Safety During 2021 Elections Coverage

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has assured journalists in the country of their safety in the run up to the 2021 General Elections.

Speaking to Journalists in Kitwe, Kanganja said journalists are key stakeholders who deserve to be respected as they carry out their duties.

He has however urged journalists to be alert so as not to be caught in any political fights by ensuring that they move with proper identification.

Kanganja said that moving with identity cards will make it easier for the police to protect journalists as they cover campaigns, elections, and post-election activities.

He added that it is not the desire of police to harass journalists but to ensure the two work in harmony as they execute their duties.

Kanganja said that journalists need to move with visible identification as that will help in not having them being mistaken for political party cadres.



  1. Pharaoh

    This should also go to cadres and their big bosses.The Police should as well be impartial at all times and should manage the coverage of any political party having a function or campaigns without any biasness in issuance of permits where there’s need.This will stabilise this minds and give hope regarding police ethics without any hesitation.

  2. Razor

    This only applies to journalists who write in favor of the government. Others who write in favor of the opposition will be left to the mercy of PF cadres.

  3. Zedpeople

    We need fair elections which should be reflected through registration of all eligible voters. ECZ you need to do the right thing and stop appearing that you are a participant in the elections, be seen to the facilitators only

  4. Black machende

    Let them cover all political parties not like the way your znbc do by not covering the opposition they will be blusted

  5. Himself

    Njebele yes black tell them.. especially tu znbc .. only watching pf pf pf .atase .not even any opposition on the TV through out the all 5 years… Jst Wait u will cry like a new born baby..

  6. Mr trump

    Okay guys.. Znbc has good programmes especially when it comz to sports and health?? but Yeah znbc news is useless only reportin pf … Its a shame..

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