Illegal Timber Dealers Worry Govt

Government has called for an immediate stop to illegal timber harvesting and trading in North Western Province.

North Western Province Permanent Secretary Willies Mangimela said the illegal timber harvesting going on in North Western Province was worrying.

He said the illegal timber harvesting does not only disadvantage government but also affects the concession license holders.

Mangimela said it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the timber in the province adding that the illegal business also has an impact on climate change.

He was speaking in Zambezi District when he met timber concession license holders to understand their operations.

Mangimela has since called on traditional leaders to come on board and assist in sensitizing people on the dangers of illegal timber harvesting.

He has further encouraged timber concession license holders to plough back into communities where they are doing business.


And Provincial Principal Forestry Officer Maxwell Phiri said the province has 20 timber concession license holders who are involved in timber business.

Phiri however said the province has witnessed a high number of people getting involved in illegal timber business because Government has not advertised new concessions especially in Manyinga, Kabompo and Zambezi districts.


  1. Maggret

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  2. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    But you guys,how do want people to survive? Mukura is all for you. So now you jumped timber. Too bad anyway. You don’t realize the government does not feed anyone. Think well guys. Stop smoking expired weed.

  3. Zedpoorpeople

    How come govt was salient when the mukula logs were caught in the far East? Double standards seems to be the norm for this current ruling class

  4. JMS

    Don’t cheat empowering Zambians in every corner involved, this is the time to put in good measures for them to acquire lisences, North Western is big to only have 20 people, if you are best in empowering how can you fall to do so. And you should have manpower to see to it that no one is involved but unfortunately instead of employing responsible and many to man the areas you stick to few workers who don’t manage to reduce illigality. Normally complaining occurs when failure is or has been obtained.

  5. Black machende

    Ba manjimela you are a fool why were you not worried about the mukula logs

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