We’ve Learnt Lessons On Elections From Malawi, Tanzania And USA – President Lungu

Lusaka ~ Wed, 18 Nov 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

President Edgar Lungu says Zambia has learnt lessons from elections in Tanzania, Malawi and USA.

Addressing the clergy in Chipata on Tuesday, President Lungu said Zambia will pick the good lessons from the elections that were held in other countries.

“We had elections that recently took place in Tanzania, we have learnt some lessons there, good lessons we will pick; there were elections in Malawi and good lessons we will pick. We have learnt lessons in USA and good lessons we will pick so that we can do better,” he said.

President Lungu urged the Church to counsel politicians.

He assured the clergy that government will look into the issue of an airport that they requested for.

President Lungu urged the clergy to continue advocating for development which he said has no finishing line.

He also said government has found land for the construction of a University in Katete District.

Earlier, Seventh Day Adventist Church East Zambia Field president Moses Banda who represented the clergy thanked President Lungu and the government for various developmental projects that were taking place.

Rev Banda appealed government to work on the Lundazi/Chama Road and other feeder roads in the Province.

He appealed to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to beef up the manpower in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

Rev Banda said the clergy will continue praying for the head of state.

President Lungu is in Eastern Province until Sunday when he will leave for Lusaka.


  1. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    What lesson can a dictator learn from Democratic countries? Shame!!!! Is it when you have realized that in Zambia there is no democracy? Your hands are too long that they can reach out to every organ of the government. The source of corruption and the leader of all corrupt members. A poison to public interest. The ecz now are asking the voter registered right there.” Where will you vote from?” Why that question? Voting is a secret. What is your plans when you know the polling station the person will go to vote? Pf leaders stop these nonsense. You’re leading the nation to unknown direction. When did this started in the registration process? Careful. Don’t tend to introduce vote aparth in the cpuntry.

    • cozcowjr

      but zoooona @Dorflyn Sojin ulimukopo, you mean at this day and age you do not know the reason electro/registration officers are asking where you are going to vote from? epulobulemu yaba Dundumwezi. Its simply means you can register in Lusaka and vote for your small god in Dundumwezi. Is this so hard to comprehend. why are you so static in your head

    • Mumfweni bwino Lungu

      What Chagwa is saying is that when HH makes any claims of victory next year he will stay in office and refuse to concede. Kabili efyo balechita ba master ku Washington. They are the guys who taught all of us democracy. If they can do it we can do it

  2. Ngoma Yamaano

    Well Cozcowjr, then the important information we will need from ECZ when the registration of voters is done is the number of voters at each voting center and not the number of voters who registered at each registration centre. I hope ECZ will be able to produce a voter register indicating all voters who will be voting at their preferred voting station from all the various voter registration centres in the country. This is another added administrative hurdle for ECZ.

  3. Pharaoh

    NGOMA YAMANO,do you mean it will be like announcing casted votes from each registration center or polling centres country wide?.I think it will. be a huge task to Mr.Nshindano other than just informing the nation the total number of registered voters.country wide unless, there’s something behind your imagination.

  4. Ngoma Yamaano

    Pharaoh, as ECZ has allowed any voter registering at any voter registration centre in the country to indicate on the voter card where they wish to cast their vote, it means not all people who register at a particular voter registration center will cast their vote at this center. So the total number of registered voters at any registration center may not reflect the number of likely voters who will cast their votes at this centre. Yet to allocate ballot papers at a vote casting centre ECZ needs to know all the total number of voters who will cast their votes at the polling centre. It will be another administrative hurdle for ECZ unless the system can automatically allocate voters to their preferred vote casting centres!

  5. Ngoma Yamaano

    Pharaoh, in addition the correct approach to enable free and fair election results is for ECZ to count and announce casted votes from each polling centre and have relevant forms signed by relevant observers from all participating political parties. Both the ruling party and the opposition should make sure that ballot boxes are empty before voters cast their votes and should not leave the polling centre until the last vote is counted and total results announced and recorded on a form to be signed by all participating political players.




    Probably learned how to cheat and not be caught.

  8. Dorfrlyn Sojin

    Cozcowjr you sound childish. I don’t think if you ever voted before. No officer has a right to ask you the the poling station you will cast your. A voter’s card is valid only at the registration point. By the way,what do you mean when you say Dundumwezi? You trible idiot,did you read any region in my comment? You’re going with togethet failure party. Fool.

  9. Samuel

    Yes We Have Learned A Lesson And We Need To Change The Government Like The Usa Did Not Tanzania, So Come 12 August, 2021 Thurday You Count Out Of State House.


    Cowjr b serious.PF is de first gvt 2 fail isuing voters card § 2 gv enough voters card 2 pipo.NRC U faild nw voter’s cad

  11. Magic Touch

    How else do you think you are assigned a polling station to vote from.

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