Neria’s Investments Completes Distribution of Inputs in Eastern Province

By ZR Reporter

NERA’s Investments Limited has completed distributing farming inputs to farmers in Eastern Province for the 2020 – 2021 farming season.

General Manager Martin Chaikatisha said when he checked on the distribution of inputs in Lusangazi that 704 metric tons of D compound and 521 metric tons of Urea fertilizers had been distributed in Lusangazi district alone.

He said his company’s depots have been closed because all of the fertilizer has been distributed.

Meanwhile, the early distribution of farming inputs to farmers in the district thrilled the District Commissioner Goodwin Sekelani.

Sekelani disclosed to the press today that about 3000 farmers in Lusangazi District have received their Farming inputs and only waiting for the rains.

He said this was the first time his district has independently received inputs adding that farmers had already received and stoked their Urea and D compound fertilizer in their homes.

He commended government for the early distribution of the inputs and described the process as a ‘plus’.

“It is the first time that people benefitted right from there, so there was no big problem and I must also thank NERIA investment for the distribution which was done at the right time. By now as I am speaking everything has been done, the fertilizers is now in the houses of our farmers which is a good thing and a plus on the part of government,” He said.

And Lusangazi District Agriculture Coordinating Officer Friday Sikombe said the early distribution of the said inputs was as a result of the supplier’s promptness.

He added that farmers managed to contribute towards FISP because government paid them on time for their supplies to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

“Farmers responded promptly in that government paid the farmers who supplied maize to FRA on time, and we’d like to commend government for that gesture. Response has been good and overwhelming and we hope that this kind of relationship will continue. Farmers are just waiting for the onset of the rains,” he said.

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  1. Zedpeople

    How come this has been completed while in Southern Province where only 3 bags of 50Kg Fertilizer is given they have not even covered 60%. Are the people from this region paying better tax or what?

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