Kalikiliki Man Drowns in Septic Tank

A man of Kalikiliki compound has died in an unfinished septic tank which he was constructing.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo who has confirmed the development identified the deceased as Masauso Mwelwa aged 25 years.

Katongo disclosed that the deceased failed to come out of the septic tank following a heavy downpour experienced in the area today.

“Police in Lusaka received a report of sudden death from Peter Chisupa of  Mtendere East that Masauso Mwelwa aged 25 years of Kalikiliki Compound  died by drowning in an unfinished septic tank which was 3.5 meters deep  which he was constructing,” she said.

She said that the deceased’s body has been retrieved and no physical injuries were seen.

The body of the deceased person is in University Teaching Hospital mortuary.



  1. st-council

    Sad development…mysrip

  2. maycee


  3. Pharaoh

    And was he constructing alone?. If he had a helper near by, he would have been rescued. To bad indeed.

  4. Meta 4

    Governments that encourage septic latrines in the 21st century should be dispatched to the dinosaur age. In 2020 all citizens should have flushing toilets indoors, power and tarmac roads outside their homes!

  5. Agent Mweemba

    Rip man

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