Malanji Empowers Constituents

Kwacha Member of Parliament Joe Malanji has given K 30,000 to three groups involved in block making and another K 30,000 to teachers at Valley View Secondary School in the Constituency.

The two revolving funds are part of the parliamentarian’s launched stimulus fund to support the informal sector and all teachers in his constituency.

Malanji who made a spot check at groups moulding blocks using manual machines said he will in the next few days procure two block making machines for the groups.


He has urged the groups to merge and form one Cooperative and begin to employ others in the constituency.

“I am the elected Member of Parliament in this Constituency it is my responsibility to uplift the social welfare of the people that elected me into office, so this money is aimed at supporting what they are already doing,” Malanji said.

He said that he wants to see the groups in the constituency produce blocks of high standard to meet market requirements.

And at Valley View Secondary School, Malanji said the K 30,000 should be revolved among the teachers through an initiative that will see the amount multiplied.

He said the move is to ensure the teachers are motivated as they carry out their duties.

Malanji added that the support to the teachers will be extended to all teachers in his Constituency to ensure they have a fund to rely on in case of an emergency.

He has stated that funds being used are his personal resources to support all those in need of help.


  1. Alex walumba

    Good gesture Sir but it has come rather too late. You were supposed to do that a few months after being elected. We are just a few months before the elections. Any way hope the money will be put in good use

  2. Frank Chombela

    How exactly will this bus operate? Will it be a commuter service in Kitwe or it will go on the inter-city / inter-town route? Wht form will the business take? Is it a cooperative or a company? I see a brought-in- dead business idea here. Living Kwacha constituency is not something permanent. What happens to those who find a home in another town?

  3. Razor

    Campaigns in full swing.

  4. Villager

    Why empower teachers? Are they not on Government payroll? Kicks of a dying horse

  5. Pharaoh

    Razor,you’re right,its like the the hour has come to campaign but,its their constitutional Right. Coming to Mr VILLAGER ,you as well has a point.I watched the live event on ZNBC .I was left in doubts when Mr Malanji said,”another K30.000.00 will be brought by some body to motivate the teachers.Now one would ask a question, interns of what?.I believe motivation could be (1) descent houses (2) Promotions (3)Conclusive teaching environments,(4) Normal transfers to mention a few.But that direct cash may lead to misinterpretion in peoples minds.



  7. jj

    Mr its too late sir ….from 11 August 2016 too late Zambians please let’s wake up please …..

  8. jj

    Mr its too late sir ….from 11 August 2016 it’s too late Zambians please let’s wake up please …..

  9. Jimmy shaba

    He is not campaigning. He has been doing that over a long period of time.

  10. JMS

    Yes many have said and still saying, now it sims that malanji has observed that the regime in power aren’t empowering people enough. Now as being normal its better to have a strategy how to empower or give people because questionble strategies have the suspension of being brought due to selfish reasons ie let me be loved, instead of you giving in love you do it visevesa. Zambians must wake up if we need this country to be built in a reasonable stardard needed. We have so many students who can be empowered and make big companies to employ and bring price reduction to most equipments which we see to be expensive. The most reason is God ‘s choosen are hidden to find them it takes wisdom to indetify them without blessings you won’t trance them even if you read their manifesto it will sim very difficult to handle but God’s hand is moving slowly whereby who even accepts his wish will never regret but enjoy the fruits. As programs were left since president Mwanawasa mhsrip let us join as one and bring in a responsible person to maintain and introduce some without much figures.

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