Nkana Constituency Hopeful Mpundu Urges Massive Registration Turnout

Former Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has called on residents of Kitwe to turn up and register as voters ahead of the 2021 General Elections.

Mpundu who is eyeing the Nkana Constituency seat currently held by National Planning Development Minister Alexander Chiteme has suggested that there may not be an extention to the exercise.

He said that the roadmap may not provide for an extension given the many follow up activities.

Mpundu has noted that processes such as voter verification, nominations and ballot printing are some of the engagements the Electoral Commission of Zambia could be involved in.


“The voter registration extension is highly unlikely to happen because of the other electoral activities such as voter verification, nominations and ballot printing,”  Mpundu said.

He encouraged Zambians that to take advantage of the remaining days and register to take part in the next elections.

“So make sure you register in the remaining days, otherwise you will miss out on voting your preferred leaders,” he added.

Under phase one which came to an end last week, the Electoral Commission of Zambia have registered over 40,000 voters in Kitwe District.


  1. Mjomba mayombo

    That’s good you have done a good job

  2. felix simuchimba

    My question to mr mpundu’s have you talked to the incumbent mp before about your interest/ intention?

    • Nelman

      The incumbent’s term ends before the elections and if he intends to recontest, he has to battle it allover again.

    • Dm

      Does he own nkana constituency to be asked Mr mpundu has a democratic right to aspire for any office in the land.

  3. JMS

    It takes a wise person to realize how much he has to offer to his country but it has to cost him head to toe due to his performance put in, but the most risk is who your boss is? Because nomatter how your determination is nothing will work,we need also you preferred candidates to join hands and support a reasonable person capable to take the country forward. Give the possible person/head for people to choose you well otherwise if you leader fail to join where we think is welcomed, problems arises ahead.

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