This is the second time Mr Hakainde Hichilema is showering Zambians with insults.

The first time, he was in Bemba land where he blessed his supporters and Zambians in general with insults, which has not gone well with the people that side, since he refused to apologize.

This time, he was in Pemba, Southern Province where he belittled women and the youth.

We may not want to repeat his uncouth language but we can pick lessons from his recent behavior.

This man has 5 words that those close to him or have been close to him can not dispute.

And this is who is:

1. Bitter
2. Sadist
3. Hypocrite
4. Hater
5. Opportunist

His language in the recent past has been of bitterness just like many years. His sadistic attitude towards national matters and hypocritical character when he is in his usual light blue shirt and red tie exposes his gene of hate.

What value is in insulting poor Pemba women and the youth?

But we know what made him upset; the UPND ground in Pemba is weak, because the PF, through Bizwell Mutaale and Kebby Mbewe, have been frequenting the place.

The duo, with the support from the party, have sunk boleholes, have distributed food and have helped many vulnerable people.

And in Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, that should not happen.

He wants people of Southern Province not to receive any help or receive development from the ruling party or government – sadist.

In Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, he doesn’t want people from Southern Province to support PF – Hater.

In Mr Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, he doesn’t want the people of Southern Province to see that the PF, despite having economic challenges, are working – bitterness.

In Mr Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, he wants people to believe that PF have done nothing since they formed government – Hypocrite.

In Mr Hichilema’s heart and soul, the unknown anger surprises many as to why he behaves like that.

But we won’t lose hope as we have a feeling that the Council of Churches in Zambia-CCZ and the Seventh Day Adventist Church together with Bishop Telesphore Mpundu will pray for him.

They will pray for him so that he can change for the better but what we are assured of is that these people cannot condemn Mr Hichilema in public.

Others who can possibly help Mr Hichilema end his childish acts are Bishop John Mambo and CiSCA leadership who should possibly sit down Mr Hichilema and educate him on the need to be morally upright when you are seeking public office.

We are just wondering what type of a President General he could be, with those insults and hate speech.



    Stop exposing ur stupidity § folishnes.Ur hate towards HH shud nt b atachd 2 SDA § CCZ u fool.ZReport u’r cadres of PF.

  2. Journalist or Politician?

    Who is Brightwell Chabusha?

  3. Pharaoh

    Well analysed. Sometimes its good to listen views from different angles even in the society we’re living,if you happen to hear criticism from people against you,note that there’s something wrong with me.Its time to make some adjustments to correct your week point(s).I like the man even Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) praised him despite losing elections. He said,’am seeing bright future in you”.Going by the years and being the strongest opposition leader,indeed who has gained experience in politics,is able to exhibit the qualities of a leader by,(1) Not to lose his temper unnecessarily (2)Embrace all Zambians as one (3)To send his manifesto in an orderly manner (4) identify some of the weakness as to could be obstacles to send him to plot one and lastly,accept what comes.I know up to now,he does not regard ECL to be the president that still, is a very big sore in his heart.The man can do it but………?

  4. Next King

    I want to see change…but what change? Of course a halt to corruption but when the main opposition leader is surrounded by people of one tribe, it worries me.

  5. Mr trump

    this kind of reporting is pathetic.. and dnt involve the church in this grade one journalism.. Go back to school if indeed u went

  6. Fidel shumba

    Too much exaggerating.

  7. Brics

    We know you and your agenda, late Sata campaign speeches were full of insults but, you were the same people who were clapping…Is it now that you have come to know that it’s bad because it’s against your pay masters. You fools. If there was a way to re-create the habitation, I would have appealed that some tribes be made to stay alone, very far from everyone else.

  8. KC

    Mr writter,are PF media chairman general.Baleke b a HH naba ECL.

  9. Youth

    Your reporting is not accurate no matter what you say change is what we want HH is the next president forget about your corruption

  10. Musyani

    He will finish what is left of our country.

  11. Child of the Sky

    Give us a break. Just concentrate on padding you sinking boat to safety. You call yourself Zambian, but all you know is 1 language. The term even exists in many languages. Pity if yours has limited vocabulary.



  13. Shu shu shu

    Hmm what a west of time
    But pa Zed even reporters a so usless
    Is Zambia this corrupt
    What type of reporting is this

  14. wangling


  15. 2yk

    He has started Manifesting his demons

  16. Busybee

    Bishop mpundu and hh are the same

  17. Blessings tembo

    Don’t criticize him, he will still be in power 2021.

  18. ash?

    For me No potential in HH or ECL but CK Atleast especially HH awe sure I don’t see any sign of leadership as Sata it’s like dat comment i saw in other issue which provoke u jump off on urine then u step on feaces

    • Ec

      Yes, he will even privatize his wife and children at a lower price as he did to the hotels and Lima bank house he sold to himself.Na chiluba wine wamulomo.why did he pick on a satanist to chair privatisation?

  19. Kikik

    An insult in one area is not an insult in another area. Malepe, Toole, Mboro are all names of people

  20. Stephen

    HH can’t be a good leader this is true.

  21. Harder

    What you are doing dear reporter is seriously dangerous.
    The fire you are busy making is very difficult to put off when it starts burning.
    Tribal and regional fighting is too difficult to end. Actually, such fighting never really end.

  22. Double_G

    Mmm I think HH at least he will make some change in this Nation,
    PF government has done nothing than stealing and being corrupt, they even fail to conduct 2020 census and they haven’t paid the youths who was working as map data correctors, what a shame is this you have done PF.

  23. Lusambo Bowman

    Brightwell behave stay away from HH is our next year if you don’t understand Tonga it’s better you masterbate.

  24. Jms

    Its unfortunate and a misfortune to have a true Zambian remove unplateble words ,we understand that shameless people understand how to chew cuds from wrong people imagine a reasonable reporter misleading people by not reporting on the abuse of the law (1) votting of inmates (2) fake law of bill 10 (3) misuse of public funds (4):misuse of national resources v(5) mismanagement of national assets etc but very busy attacking an innocent person shameless, do things knowing that you have fathers and mothers who brought you through the mercyful of our beloved God. Respect for you to be respected.

  25. man challenger

    Lets avoid politics of hatred that this one is a what or this one come from this or that province lets unite and be one people inorder for the country to move forward lets think about mwanawasa m.h.r.p he was a lenje by tribe but he managed to fix the economy so who ever comes into power as long as he is not a tribalist is wellcome because this country is for all tribes people here need what they want not to hear about your insults and by doing so, you are just losing popularity and favour from God because leadership comes from God Not that when you insult too much, thats when you will be voted, not at all you are just showing how desparate and folish you are . We want to hear how you are going to fix the economy once voted by poor Zambians come 2021 we shall see you, our hearts are bleeding.

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