Lusaka ~ Mon, 23 Nov 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

The Economic Intelligence Unit has again predicted that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu will win the 2021 general elections.

In their latest report, the EIU has explained that despite the country defaulting the debt payment and the country having some economic challenges, President Lungu will remain in power beyond 2021.

And the report has further explained that the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed the country into defaulting on debt payments.

The report has also highlighted that there are some small pockets of anxiety among Zambians over the Chinese influence in the business sector.

The latest EIU report was generated on 20th November, 2020.

The full report of the EIU can be accessed on their website.


  1. Clinging Trump

    U are not prophets… Just using useless predictions lets nt rush things or get in over our heads… ONLY GOD CAN KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS..

  2. Eiu

    What nonsense! Lungu and pf government is losing 2021 elections.
    If they were to stand ecl and mulyokela just two of them ( mulyokela can win the elections not adada🤮🤕… Those predicts are fake…..

  3. Black machende

    Keep on bootliking and cheating on your master because no one will vote for him this time not ukubepesha coronavirus your kwacha started to depreciating before coronavirus

  4. Kingfred N. Kapomba

    ECL has scored very well, no wonder bena Garry now have no campaign message but hallucinating about impeachment.
    Zambia did not attain its independence in 2011, NO. So as we rate PF’s performance let it be from 2011 to date. The country was neglected, the population was growing but infrastructure lugged behind.
    How many hospitals and schools did we have before PF? Where they in line with our population?
    So based on that I see PF winning comfortably

  5. KC

    We are not asleep,come 2021 no political party shall rule this country.The situation is explosive after August 12 elections!



  7. Nehemiah

    Ms Nawakwi is surely standing on firm grounds…

  8. Mulenga Sikaumbwe

    To solve problems affecting our Nation is every person’s responsibility. Therefore, every voice should be heard because there are so many p eople with brilliant ideas that would finally get the attention needed to address our social and economic challenges.
    I understand the world is going through economic challenges and it’s a dark time for Zambia, but it’s good to realise that it’s only in darkness where we see the stars.
    However, we must not turn on each other, but turn to each other and give up pride.
    A bird with one wing cannot fly as a result we need each other and every soul should wake up to look deep in your core; asking oneself
    What problems does my heart want to solve?
    Despite what you may hear and see on TV and other social media platforms don’t not be terrified or feel frustrated just know that there are working for the betterment of our Country.
    The true meaning of life is to take care of each other. Moreover, if government and the people collaborated, we will solve real problems and make transformation.
    Don’t ignore This!
    When we all answer the call, we will open a door that elevates humanity and creates a new normal that we have never seen before.
    There is only one Zambia and it’s up to us to bring this great Nation to where it needs to be economically, politically and socially. This may seem hopeless to those with selfish motives but to a working Government it isn’t.
    We have tried everything from politics of insulting, exposing and embarrassing leaders to riots, rallies, match protests and they have played a role, but now today we need something bold.
    Every member of community should actively be engaged in matters addressing our problems.

    Thank you

    Mulenga Sikaumbwe

    Citizen for economic and social development

  9. Chilemu Musangu

    I also have a feeling that the rulling will make it.God will give his exerllency another chance.What people sees in NOT what God sees.What people says it not what God says.I thank the Almighty God because He reveals deep things to anyone who humbles himself before him.He does not look @ ones qualification,riches…We will continue to pray and God to give our leader WISDOM

    • Chilemu Musangu

      It is well with our presindent.By God ‘s grace,he has done alot for our country.He only need to work on things that will benefits even those in rural Areas.Things like the reducing of mealie meal price,our currency,workers salaries and CADERS.Caders must respect the police and they have to leave the police to do their job.Caders behaves as if the president is theirs,NO! He is our presindent!so they should stop threatening people in the name of the PRESIDENT!

  10. Point


  11. Musenge Flannel

    Those people need to change 2021 a good leader according why are election important . They provide any opportunity for people to change the government. To give chance to candidate to explain why they is elected so Zambia forward 2021, member of parliament love PF only don’t those, people hate how edger lungu

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