Lusaka ~ Wed, 25 Nov 2020

By Brightwell Chabusha

NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili says he is reflecting on why he is wasting  time speaking on behalf of Zambians when they don’t seem to care about what is going on in the country.

The opposition leader says attacking government on a daily basis seems to be costly on his part as no one is supporting him.

The outspoken Kambwili has since bemoaned the culture of leaving him to fend for himself whenever he fell into trouble on account of speaking for the people.

“This time, you have seen that I have gone quiet, it’s not because of anything else. It’s just because that Zambians are failing to fight for what is right, and it appears the Zambian people are comfortable with what is going on,” he said.

Kambwili wondered why Zambians were quiet when he had been dragged before the courts for merely questioning something.

“I am spending money on the lawyers and even the court putting me on my defence then the Zambians are quiet. They don’t want to talk about it. It’s business as usual,” Kambwili complained.

He said people were more content sharing stuff on social media and commenting rather than taking action on matters that affected them.

“So, let me reflect maybe I’m the problem myself, or maybe it’s the people of Zambia who are problem themselves,” Kambwili said.


  1. muntu wandi

    Ba ck mwamona ukulepa mukanwa kwamuletelela ka money baonka Ku ma lawyers na ba court kuleni mu mutwe taata

    • Lolo

      This man called Chishimba Kambwili must have a mental problem. I used to think he is wise not until I he head him talking rubbish about all Pentecostal churches in Zambia then I knew that he is nosense.

  2. Chendabusiku

    Ba Kambwili when you were making money muli mwamona Co. Mwalelanda ati “I” can go for tea to England and come back. Nomba fyayafya pantu mwali ba Chinondo mweka. Nomba ilyo fyayafya elyo Abena Zambia bawama. You politicians don’t think that the electorate are not wise they are very clever. They are not moved by one thief or criminal in the political arena. Imwe bakambwili mwaleilandila koseni. Mwale fenta mweka, nomba mwayapoka na fake covid certificate– chishimba, lobe. Mwilatubikamo fwebalanda. Ama range rover na mamansions yenu mweka.

  3. Wapyabaisa

    Ba C.K. u thought that Zambians are fools like u & H.H.

    • Slim

      Of course Zambians are fools! To elect the current leadership into govt was the highest level of foolishness! How do you explain the illiteracy being exhibited by likes of Lusambo, Chitotela, Sikazwe, Musukwa, Dora “zambia open”; i dont think HH would be so stupid and naive to appoint such cheap characters to responsible positions. Check the calibre of HH compared to some Chawama drunkards!

      • X4

        Idiot why so bitter with lungu?has he killed yo father?wat has hakainde done for Zambians!mind u an old broom knows all the konaz of the house than a new one.hop u wll get sam meaning out of the ridle



  5. Nelson Tembo

    I think u are Right Mr Kambwili Zambians are happy our currency is probably the waste Performing currency in the world Courrption third highest in the world You are wasting Your resources on lawyers et
    Just go and enjoy ur money in ur air-conditioned Crib let them continue voting PF till the country hit rock bottom we become another Zimbabwe or DRC

  6. Clingin trump towerz

    Yes indeed! zambian wl nt appreciate what u hav been doing.. Just go to ur air con house take care of ur health and enjoy ur money wt ur family mr ck.. I would say da same 4 hh bt he stl has resources so 4 him the fight goes on.. Kwasila

    • Pharaoh

      When you start a race or a journey,it must be completed as to who ever started it and not to blame any one to rescue you when you happen not to finish it.

  7. Filungula Namenshi

    He who fights and run away stand to fight another day.
    CK, the battles you fight have no direction, it is like fighting your own shadow to leave your alone. You were part and parcel of whatever is happening in PF and you know it. CK you talk too much such that you lose truck of what you say and later come to say the exactly opposite. For example, you said that there was no Covid – 19 in Zambia but barely a month down the line you absconded a court session of one of your chain list of court cases in the name that you were diagnosed with Covid -19 symptoms and you were self quarantined. Such kind of politicking is suicidal to your political ambition. Even if you forget, people don’t.

  8. Old Mzee

    If what is being said is true,the CK is wasting his time.CK talks before he thinks unfortunately most of the time he will say things that land him into trouble.
    Ck’s future is not certain,iam sure he will end up a miserable man.
    I feel sorry for him.He is like Trum,very unpredictable

  9. Katuya

    Kambwili you are wright. in this country the majority of us we are fools, even if things are not ok, we choose to support a bad leadership, and wishing to continue suffering up until Jesus come.

  10. Tikambeko

    Mr kambwili please don’t stop fight that Lungu for us
    Freedom is coming tomorrow

  11. Chendabusiku

    @Slim, In a democracy only those who have not embraced the divergent views as party of a democracy are prone to insulting others when they express their views or their democratic right to vote for the candidate they want. It is a very primitive way of telling the whole nation that they are fools including your parents and relatives if you have any in Zambia. Just discuss ideas you cannot be telling the whole nation that they are fools because they did not vote for your preferred candidate. You must be a very low calibre person. There must be something terribly wrong with you.

  12. Concerned citizen

    Zambians can’t vote for HH because he has a questionable Character,he is brand as somebody from the ocean,tribalist and a swindler.

  13. Katuya

    @ Concerned Citizen,don’t chit people that HH is a tribalis, how can you put a bad picture to a person who is not in power? go and check in PF government and see the majority tribal which is serving,thats when you will know who is a problem to this country

  14. dc

    let’s be sober when we are making comments on this platform.how do you say surely Zambians are fools and you want the same fools to vote for your preferred candidate.grow up

  15. Simolione

    I have now come to understand that money taifula ,kwena mr ck money mwakwata ubwingi kutimwalasebana ifi.kwena nganine kuti nalasekelelafye,not ngefi mulesebana yama

  16. Gabriel mwansa

    My fellow zambians just accept that something is wrong in Zambia, am not supporting Chishimba kambwili but with wat I know and see, Listen to news every day please, we are not at good stage in zambia dot comment bridly

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